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Easter Bulk Purchase Promo 2017

The Easter Bunny brings things that are yummy, along with Bulk Purchases which will save you money!

There's no better way than starting the Easter Holidays off than with an even greater discount when making bulk ticket purchases!

From today, until 16 April 2017, we’re offering an additional 5% discount on ALL bulk lottery ticket purchases, which will guarantee that you'll have your tickets safely on hand for the foreseeable future!

With our current cluster of lotto jackpots being won every week, ensuring that we have hardly any rollovers, it seems to be the perfect time to take advantage of that extra bit of luck that’s in the air right now!

To take advantage of this limited time offer, simply click the link below and order your tickets as per usual. Click the Bulk Purchase button (underneath your ticket list) in order to select the Bulk Purchase option that suits you best. Then proceed to purchase as per usual.

Please remember that this offer is only valid until 16th April 2017. Take advantage of this offer while you can as you never know when it will be your turn to win GIANT!



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