Man Wins Second $1 Million Jackpot In 18 Months - Here's How He Did It.

An American lottery players has won his second big lotto jackpot in 18 months, a $1 million prize. This is the second million dollar prize he has won in a little over a year, just how did he manage this?

Rolf Rhodes is celebrating his second jackpot win in 18 months, a $1 million jackpot that we won playing a local Massachusetts lottery game. He opted for the instant cash option which awarded him $600,000.

He beat the astronomical odds winning the lottery not once, but twice. Did he have a special trick or was he using some kind of magic spell? neither of those are the case as Mr Rhodes just used some familiar tricks that have been used by winning lottery players for ages.

  • Never miss a draw. You can't win if you don't play, and many jackpots have been missed by players who simply did not play. Never forget to buy your lottery tickets before the draw!
  • Don't use calendar dates for lucky numbers. The number range for major lottery games can reach up to 60, meaning that if you use calendar dates you may be halving your chance at winning.
  • Play for smaller jackpots. While it might seem like the best idea to play for the biggest jackpots, the lotteries with smaller jackpots have better odds at winning. Check out the Irish National Lottery and the France Loto.
  • Don't use number patterns. Analysis of past jackpot winning number combinations have concluded that completely random number sets tend to win more often. Avoid all odd number, all even numbers, all high or all low numbers.
  • Join a lottery syndicate. Want to increase your chances at winning without having to buy more tickets? Join an online lottery syndicate and pool your resources and increase your winning chances!

Using just these lottery winning tips can help improve your chances at bagging your own life-changing jackpot, but if you want a more in-depth look at lottery winning tricks and tips you can find them right here.

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