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10 April 2017


Don’t let your friends push your buttons!

This especially goes for when you’re gambling on a button-operated slot machine, a lesson that a man in Fort Lauderdale had to learn the hard way.

Jan Flato was trying his luck at the $50 slot machines with hopes of hitting the $100 000 jackpot prize. Not happy with the way his game was going, he let his friend push the button on the slot machine for luck. That’s when his fortunes changed, or so he thought.

The machine went crazy and the jackpot payline lit up indicating that he was the winner of the $100 000 jackpot, or so he thought.

Las Vegas slot machines

After viewing the video footage of the win casino authorities determined that it was Flato’s friend, Marina Navarro, who had operated the machine and was therefore the rightful winner. Flato reportedly went ballistic after hearing that he wasn’t $100 000 richer, and Navarro had to be escorted to her car by casino security along with her winnings.

Not only did Flato lose out on the $100 000 jackpot, but the two have also ended their friendship and haven’t spoken since. Weeks after the incident, Navarro texted Flato asking, “Still hate me?” His only response was, “How could you do that to me?”

Moral of the story? You’ll only be able to claim casino winnings if you pushed the button yourself, but you’ll always be able to claim your own online lottery winnings no matter who bought your tickets!


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