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19 July 2017

Man Hangs Up On Lotto Officials Telling Him He'd Won A Share Of $50 Million

Which lottery player hasn't dreamt of getting that call telling them that they've just won a jackpot and their life has changed forever? Well, a man from Sydney, Australia who played in the in the local OZ Lotto certainly wasn't expecting to get a call telling him that he'd hit a massive jackpot.

The man had won a share in a $50 million jackpot, but lotto officials struggled to deliver the good news as the man kept hanging up on them, thinking that the call was a prank. Luckily for him the lotto officials persisted long enough to eventually keep him on the phone long enough to deliver the news that he was $16 million richer. The man picked his winning numbers by using the birthdays of his loved ones.


'Earlier today I thought I'd love to win... I was just thinking in my head driving along and lo and behold, I won. I can't believe it,' the man said.

 The man bought his winning ticket at a cafe in Fairlight, and plans to use his winnings to "have a happy life". The man shared the jackpot with two other lotto players from Perth and Sydney.  The Perth winner, went hysterical for several minutes when officials informed her of the news.

"You've stopped my heart," she said. "I need my heart fixed."

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