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13 November 2014

Man Finds Winning 2.9M Lottery Ticket In His Truck

New York resident and auto body shop owner Jerry Ritieni got the best surprise of his life when searching for a set of keys in his truck and stumbling upon a winning lottery ticket worth $2.9 Million.

Ritieni had bought his winning ticket a month before cashing it in and had left it inside his truck, not expecting that the ticket would change his life. To be fair, Ritieni had been playing the lottery for over a decade and a half without any notable wins and thus didn’t expect much from his tickets.
Even after finding his ticket whilst looking for a set of keys, he still didn’t check the numbers and instead kept it under his work keyboard for over a week before finally checking the numbers on the 28th of August.
 The 47-year old was with his 17-year old son when he first discovered that the numbers on his ticket matched the numbers drawn in the lottery and explained to the press that the first thing he did upon finding out he won was to call his 20-year old daughter and tell her their lives were about to change forever. 
“They didn’t believe me because I’m a joking dad,” the single father told reporters. “For now, I’m going to secure my kids’ future,” Jerry said. “That’s more important than anything.”
Ritieri’s $2.7 Million win owes much to his persistence as he has been buying lottery tickets from the same petrol station for nearly 10 years where he routinely also gets his morning coffee and petrol. 10 years later and this routine has definitely paid off. Ritieri explained to reporters that although his son has advised against it, he will keep playing the lottery as he has dreams to be a two-time winner. 

10 years of persistence finally paid off big time for Jerry Ritieni. How long have you been playing the lottery? You never know when your time to hit the jackpot will come but the only way to even stand a chance of becoming an overnight lottery millionaire is to keep playing. With the $127 Million Powerball taking place on Wednesday, your big windfall may be just around the corner!

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