If you've ever considered playing the US lotteries with, but have yet to take the plunge, our tales of huge lotto winnings are sure to change your mind! Supersize may have been banned from takeaways and drive-thrus, but it's still very much a part of US lotto winning - so if you want to cash in on big excitement and big jackpots too, the US lottos are the only way to play!

Thankfully, as a member, you won't have to jet off all the way to the States to buy your US lotto tickets - just login to your account and get playing for huge lottos right away. Take your pick of the US Mega Millions on Tuesday and Friday nights, or the US Powerball on Wednesday or Saturday nights - the choice is yours. But whichever lottery you pick, you can be sure of huge lottos to play for, and huge exhilaration with every online lottery ticket you buy!

Chicago player claims $260 million in lottery winnings!

We don't have to look back very far to find examples of colossal US lottery winnings - that's because just last Tuesday, one exceptionally lucky Chicago player scooped an unbelievable $260 million in lotto winnings with just one ticket! Originally advertised as a jackpot win of $253 million, the Mega Millions mid-week jackpot soared to a final total of $260 million, thanks to a last-minute surge in ticket buying.

And while the Mega Millions has seen a recent spate of rollovers and jackpot fans going home empty-handed, on Tuesday 2 June the jackpot draw saw a gigantic reversal of fortune, with one player matching all five main numbers and the Mega Ball for a $260 million huge lotto win! The identity of the winner is still unknown (if it were us we'd take at least a month to recover from the shock) but once they come forward, they'll have a big decision to make. Do they take the full amount as an annuity, or do they take the cash value of the prize, working out to $158 million? If it were us, we'd go for the latter option, but it's always interesting to see which decision big winners take. A huge congrats to the huge lotto winner, and if you're ever looking for ways in which to spend your windfall, we'd be more than happy to help!

US Powerball player scoops huge lotto winnings of $136 million

Of course it's not just the Mega Millions that pays out mega jackpots - theUS Powerball has its fair share of huge lotto winnings too. Just ask Anthony Perosi, a plumber from Staten Island, who recently discovered he'd won a life-changing $136 Powerball jackpot in a drawing from March 2015.

Why did it take him so long to claim it? For that he can thank a friend of his, who told him that a school teacher had won the prize. Not bothering to check his ticket as a result, he stored it in the same place as all his other tickets - behind a pipe in his basement (yes, you read that correctly). Despite having actually printed out the winning numbers, Anthony didn't bother checking his ticket - until a full six weeks later when he decided to have a look. Upon discovering that every number was a match, he called his son in a panic to confirm his good fortune.

While both son and father are still in a state of shock, and the friend with the school teacher story has been duly chastised, one decision has been made - how to take the money. In a gesture of extreme goodwill, Anthony opted for the cash value of his prize, taking home a whopping $55 million after taxes, and splitting it with his son. While no definite plans have been made by either of the Perosis, other than paying off bills and perhaps taking a vacation, one thing's for sure - there's a whole lot more than plumbing in Anthony's future!

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