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26 August 2016

Make Your Next Home One Of The USA's Most Expensive

Looking to send your family and friends letters from a new, fabulously expensive USA address? You'll need two things first - a lottery jackpot, and advice on the most prestigious homes the United States has to offer. Luckily, at we can help with both. For the first, just buy your lottery tickets online in the comfort of your own home in time for the upcoming draws. And for the second, simply take a look below at our breakdown of the USA's most expensive, most coveted, and most fabulously luxurious homes from coast to coast: 

Briar Patch - East Hampton, New York: $140 million

Briar Patch Millionaire Mansions

You've heard of the Hamptons haven't you? Of course you have - characters in movies and TV series are forever jetting off to the magical Hamptons on luxurious holidays away, and now you have the chance to own a small piece of that same American heritage. One of East Hampton's most gorgeous properties, the Briar Patch takes up 11.2 acres of prime real estate right on the waterfront, with panoramic ocean views to match. Take your pick of its 10 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms and 3-storey lounge as well as its restaurant-quality kitchen, and you have a recipe for extravagance not just on holiday, but every day of the year. 

Palazzo di Amore - Beverly Hills, Los Angeles: $149 million

Palazzo di Amore Millionaire Mansion

If you're looking for grandeur, that's exactly what you'll find at Palazzo di Amore in Beverly Hills, California - a perfect replica of a Mediterranean-style property, right down to the breathtaking views. While you'll have more than enough bedrooms and bathrooms to play in, you'll also have some fabulous extras guaranteed to blow your neighbours away too - like wine cellars, a Turkish bath, a ballroom with a revolving dance floor and space for 150 cars. Sign on the dotted line and you'll have everything you need to throw the most unforgettable housewarming party Beverly Hills has ever seen!

Le Palais Royal - Hillsboro Beach, Florida: $159 million

Le Palais Royal Millionaire Mansion

Staying with European-influenced architecture, this time from France, Le Palais Royal in Florida takes its inspiration from the world-renowed Palace of Versailles, boasting not one, but six waterfalls, a marble staircase, 11 bedrooms, 17 bathrooms and a lavish 60,500 square foot estate. That's just the tip of the opulent iceberg though, because with a 492-foot dock, private IMAX theatre and underground parking for 30 cars, it's a wonder of the world all on its own, and one truly fit for modern-day royalty.   

Manalapan Megamansion - Hillsboro, Florida: $195 million

Manalapan Megamansion


Let's face it though, if you're a lottery winner, you'll want to go for broke - and no US property is more capable of depleting the funds in your bank account than Florida's Manalapan Megamansion, rated the most expensive piece of real estate in America at a whopping $195 million. So what do you get for such a king's ransom? Only a colossal 33-bedroom mansion, that's what, stretching over 63,000 feet and featuring a massive 47 bathrooms. Just think - you could use a different bathroom every day for a month and still have 17 left over. If that's not living the dream, we don't know what is.

Of course you might want to actually leave the house some days, and when you do, you'll have your own private botanical garden to explore, as well as a PGA-standard golf practice area to play on, a sports complex, miniature golf course, and a palatial treehouse as well. All in all, you'll be living in your own small town of sorts - which is fitting, considering the oodles of money you'll have won. All we ask is one small bedroom for when we come visit, and perhaps a guided tour of the 47 bathrooms? Because no matter how many years you spend in the Manalapan Megamansion, we're sure that's a feature that'll never get old! 



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