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17 February 2015


It never fails to make us scratch our heads when we hear reports of lottery winnings going unclaimed. And this crop of recent jackpot winners missing in action is no different. We don't know about you, but when we buy a lottery ticket, we don't forget it in our wallets or stuff it down the side of the couch - instead we clutch it in our sweaty little palms as the lottery draw takes place, hoping that this time the numbers will add up. And only when we've checked and checked and are 100% sure that we aren't multi-millionaires (for this draw at least) - only then do we throw our lottery tickets away.

We know everyone's different of course, but it makes sense that when you buy a lottery ticket, either online or from a retailer, you would keep an eye out for the winning lottery numbers too. Or at the very least, take your ticket to get scanned and checked in the days following the draw. That's why recent stories such as these just leave us puzzled.

£1.8 million Lotto ticket going begging

If you bought a lottery ticket in Barnet, England on Wednesday 28 January, you may want to check your numbers. That's because they could be worth a massive £1.8 million! A winner in the second tier of the UK Lotto, the ticket matched five main numbers and the Bonus Ball - but because the jackpot was on its fourth and final rollover, and no-one managed to match all six numbers for the grand prize win, the missing lottery ticket was one of eight to share in the £14.4 million up for grabs!

uk lottery tickets

With the prize split between eight lucky winners, each one netted a fantastic £1.8 million for themselves - with the exception of the eighth lottery ticket, which is still missing. Lottery officials are urging all lotto players to check their tickets, as if the lucky winner isn't found by 27 July, the prize will be channelled into lottery funded-charities instead. So if you think it could be you, check under your car seat, in your jeans pockets, down the back of your lounge suite - because this is one piece of paper you don't want to throw away!

£3 million lotto ticket unclaimed

Staying with the UK Lotto, another ticket is searching for its winner - this time in Scotland, and in the jaw-dropping amount of £3 million! We like to think that if we ever won that much money, we'd know about it in a second!

Unfortunately the holder of this ticket, bought in Stirling, Scotland in December last year, has no clue that they're the lucky winner of a cool £3 million. That's why if you think your ticket could be the winning one, or if you know of a friend or family member who could be the big winner, get those numbers checked soon before the lottery time limit expires!

Just as there are many lottery winners, there will always be lottery winnings that go unclaimed - sometimes being scooped up in the nick of time, and sometimes going to worthy charities instead. If you want to make sure that your lottery winnings go into your bank account and nowhere else, there's a foolproof way of ensuring that - just buy your lottery ticket online with today, keep an eye on your chosen lottery draw, and you could soon be in the money to the tune of millions!




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