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04 February 2015


How many times has an accident been lucky for you? Perhaps you forget to pay for your train ticket, and you end up getting a free ride. Or you get given too much change and only realise when you're home from the store. Or in the case of these lottery winners, you make one small mistake and end up winning a fortune!

How to turn a $20 mistake into a $10 million win

Jerry Kajfasz of Lancaster, New York, wasn't looking to make headlines when he bought a set of New York Lottery scratch tickets - he just wanted to win a few bucks. He didn't want to spend too much either, which is why when the clerk mistakenly handed him a $20 ticket, instead of the $10 ticket he'd asked for, he felt it was too much to invest, and handed it back.

Jerry Kajfasz

After scratching his original $10 tickets in the car though, he quickly changed his mind. “I kept winning on the scratch-off tickets", he says. "I won like seven in a row. I just got lucky." After winning $25 with his $10 tickets, he made a small decision that turned out to pay big dividends. He went back into the store, and asked the clerk for the $20 ticket that he had first given him. When you're on a lucky streak, it's best to play your hunches.

And what a hunch it turned out to be - because when Kajfasz scratched his $20 ticket, he found himself the instant winner of a massive $10 million jackpot! “I just sat there and couldn’t believe it,” Kajfasz recalls. “Shocked. I probably looked over the ticket half a dozen times.” The unexpected windfall will allow Kajfasz to finally retire from his printing job after 27 years, and take his mother to visit her family in Poland. Not bad for a $20 investment!

Two Lotto tickets, one huge jackpot!

It's not just individual lottery players that can benefit from lucky mistakes - syndicates can too. At least that's what a group of players from Australia found out after buying two Lotto tickets instead of one - and winning on both of them!

"I'd put on our normal weekly Saturday Lotto ticket, but on a ticket previously purchased I'd accidently selected the advanced play option", recalls a syndicate member. "This meant I doubled up on last weekend's draw resulting in two entries for the same draw. It then just so happened to be 'that' draw that we won Lotto on giving us not one, but two Division 1 prizes. It's just stunning!"

Thanks to that small but crucial error, each of the 11 syndicate members netted a stunning $157,474 in cash - enough to pay off mortgages, go on holidays, and in one case, buy a Harley Davidson motorcycle!

As you can see, one man's mistake can mean another's good fortune - which just goes to show it doesn't matter how you play, all that matters is that you play in the first place! At there's a simple way to do that - by buying a ticket online for one of our draws. Play mid-week, play weekend, just make sure you play, because that's the only way you'll come closer to those life-changing jackpots - make no mistake!




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