How far would you go to win the lotto? Would you try to steal lottery tickets? Claim a share of someone else's jackpot? Try to create your own counterfeit winning ticket?

Probably not, we're guessing. By and large lotto fans like yourself are ordinary, decent, hardworking folk, just looking to strike it rich one day with the right set of lucky numbers. But unfortunately every so often we hear tales of someone trying to beat the system, go behind Lady Luck's back and scoop a dishonest lotto jackpot for themselves.

Fortunately, cheaters never prosper, as the saying goes, and more often than not these con artists are discovered and brought to justice before their actions can have any impact on the game play of honest lotto fans. Karma is always watching - which is why the latest lotto cheating scandal in the US has brought its perpetrator nothing but the prospect of a hefty fine and a looming jail sentence.

Iowa lottery official accused of fixing lotto results

Eddie Raymond Tipton probably thought he was in a better position than most when it came to rigging the lottery results. As the (now former) director of lottery information security, he was one of only five people with access to the all-important random number generating room - the place where lotto millionaires are made on a weekly basis.

Taking advantage of his top security clearance, Tipton allegedly entered the room and inserted a USB drive into the computer - one that prosecuting lawyers now claim was loaded with a rootkit, a computer program designed to execute a task and then delete itself, leaving no trace behind.


Tipton then purchased a ticket a month later - one that turned out to be a $14.3 million winner. Despite waiting almost a full year to claim the jackpot, suspicions were still raised when a Belize company came forward to claim the prize (as Tipton doing so himself would have been illegal under lottery rules). When those running the company attempted to cash the ticket through a New York-based attorney, but refused to release their names, lottery officials denied the request and launched an investigation into the matter.

Today the case is still ongoing, with Tipton denying the accusations against him, and his legal team claiming a number of inconsistencies in the case. Should he be found guilty on the two counts of fraud currently laid against him, he will be facing a fine of up to $7,500 and a prison sentence of up to 5 years in jail. Worth the effort of trying to secure a $14.3 million jackpot? We don't think so.

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