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05 September 2018

Lotto Reform Will See More Millionaires Being Made Each Week

National Lottery bosses have decided to shake things up by introducing reform that will see more players win big jackpots each week.

Camelot, who operate National Lottery games in the United Kingdom, has issued changes that could potentially increase lotto winnings by as much as 20 times the current rate. The EuroMillions has also been adjusted to guarantee two new millionaires each week over the current one.

Camelot had been struggling with falling sales but seemed to have turned a corner in the last year. This has been put down to more people winning big prizes in every draw, and also down to the fact that players have more game options.

Changes to the National Lottery include: matching five balls and the bonus ball will win a fixed payout of £1 million up from £50,000. Five main balls will see winnings of £1,750 compared to an earlier £1,000. The lowest winnings for matching three balls will increase from £25 to £30.

There could also be changes to the jackpot rollover mechanics which could include the rollover being capped at 5 draws after which the jackpot will "rolldown" to the lower tiers of prizes. Camelot also plans on increasing the amount of EuroMillions draws that take place each week.

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