Lottery Winners Reveal Their Battles With “First World Problems"

More money, more problems

We all have our own problems to deal with on a daily basis. Too many bills, too little money, family, relationships, mortgages, school fees, inflation - the list goes on, and most days it seems to be an endless one.

Wouldn't it be nice then to have some different problems for a change? Like the problems faced by multi-millionaires. Not enough fingers for all your diamond rings - that type of thing.

As it turns out, however, there are actual problems to deal with when you're a real-life millionaire, as some EuroMillions winners can attest to. They're just not the kind of problems you might expect…

Planes, trains and automobiles

Cars, as it turn out, present many a problem. Turns out it's not all 'drop a few million on a fleet of luxury cars' and then spend the rest of your life racing around in them.

In fact, the fancier your car, the more problems you could end up having. Just ask the new owners of two-door sports cars, who can barely get in and out of their vehicles when parking them in regular bays. Not an issue you ever have with a VW or a Hyundai.

And don't think that helicopters are any easier to get around in! While they might be a convenient way to hop from place to place, and ridiculously posh to boot, they're hardly practical.

Planes trains and automobiles

Have you ever tried to fit a day's worth of shopping in the back? EuroMillions winners Sharon and Nigel Mather have, and they failed miserably - eventually having to hire a limo to take their purchases home for them. Oh, the shame!

Home sweet home

Don't get too comfy at home either - that is, if you ever get home. One lotto winner reported struggling to get a taxi to his fabulous new house, as his driveway was so long the driver thought it was a heist.

Other winners dream of their lavish new homes, only to be faced with the reality of sitting on their carpets and waiting months for expensive, custom-made furniture to be delivered.

Home sweet home

Not to mention the shock most winners experience when realising how many lawnmowers and tractors their new estates need for everyday maintenance. We're not in Kansas anymore Toto, that's for sure.

Lifestyles of the rich and famous

Let's face it though, no matter how long the driveway or how big the Ferrari doors, most of us would kill to have the problems of a multi-millionaire. Why stress about rent when you could buy the whole block and still have change left over?

But surprisingly enough, even being filthy rich does come with an adjustment period. Andy Carter, The National Lottery’s Senior Winners’ Adviser, explains: “We find it takes six to nine months for winners to adapt to their new life. There are both emotional and practical adjustments to be made before they truly relax into the millionaire lifestyle and there is no set rule book to follow. However the challenges they face are definitely nicer problems to have. Let’s face it, discovering how to book a private jet or waiting for 6 months for a supercar is something we would all like to experience!”

Ain't that the truth! Of course the best way to experience the problems of being a multi-millionaire is to become one, which you could do simply by buying one EuroMillions lottery ticket.

Just login to your GiantLottos account, choose your lucky numbers, and your single ticket could soon see millions flowing into your bank account!

Of course you might have to go through the mission of opening a different bank account with a more favourable interest rate - and let's not talk about the stress of now having to buy a new house, new car, and complete new lifestyle.

But really, at the end of the day, who's complaining?

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