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28 January 2015


If you're a sports fan and a lottery player, chances are at some point your lottery-winning fantasies will have involved your favourite sport somehow. Perhaps you've dreamed of following your team to all their home and away games for a full season? Maybe travelling overseas for an all-expenses-paid trip to the FIFA World Cup? Catching both the Summer and the Winter Olympics live? Or in your wildest dreams, even buying your favourite sports team and declaring yourself their manager? (Come on, we've all done it.)

But have you ever thought about using your lottery winnings to invest in sports a little closer to home? Perhaps not fulfilling your big sporting dreams, but making someone else's come true in a big way? That's exactly what three lottery winners have done with their jackpots, and while their contributions to the sporting world may have been relatively small, they're set to have a huge impact on health and fitness as a whole.

EuroMillions winner establishes football foundation

Take Chris Weir for example - a football fan and EuroMillions winner who used part of his windfall to establish a football foundation for youngsters in his community. After donating £750,000 to his local football club, Largs Thistle, Weir felt that he could do more, both to benefit his favourite sport and to help up-and-coming young players. A year after making his Largs Thistle donation, Weir helped to sponsor the Partick Thistle Youth Academy - an institution dedicated to helping 120 youngsters move up the ranks of professional football, while providing training facilities for a further 1000 young football enthusiasts.


colin weir partick youth academy

Jackpot winner takes football player under his wing


Or what about Yngvar Borgesen from Norway? This lucky 63-year-old football fan struck it rich in May last year when he won the €13.5 million top EuroJackpot prize - Norway's biggest ever lottery jackpot. Instead of spending his fortune on fast cars and loose women, Borgesen decided to pay it forward by investing in his community. Choosing his local football club, Odds Ballklubb, as the recipient of his generosity, Borgesen took a particular interest in one player, the young defender Fredrik Semb Berge.

Having already made his international debut against South Africa, Berge was in danger of being sold due to financial difficulties. Seeing an opportunity to make a difference, Borgesen stepped in, and thanks to his donation, was able to help Berge not just to continue playing at his father's old club, but to take Norway to the UEFA European Under-21 Championship semi-finals as well! Now that's what we call money well spent.


Yngvar Borgesen


Lottery winners give back to the local sporting community

Lastly there are the Bulls - not the basketball team from Chicago, but the lottery-winning couple from the UK. While these £40 million jackpot winners consider themselves boring, their choices since winning the lottery make them anything but. Whereas some lottery winners might quit their jobs and start living the life of Riley (and who can blame them), Gareth and Catherine Bull instead chose to quit their jobs and volunteer their free time at Debdale Park Sports & Recreational Club, their children's local sports and football club. Because while donating money can be a valuable gesture, donating time can be priceless.

If sports and lotteries get your heart pounding, there's a way for you to combine the two - by potentially investing your winnings in local clubs and initiatives just as these worthy winners did. Buy your lottery ticket online today with and get ready to get in the game with multi-million lottery winnings!


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