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18 March 2015


There is strength in numbers, as the saying goes, and it was certainly true for the 18-strong lottery syndicate from Ayrshire, Scotland, who worked together to scoop a £1 million EuroMillions win!

What's even more astonishing though, is that each of the eighteen ladies, who all work as cleaning staff at St Matthew’s Academy in Saltcoats, Ayrshire, are going straight back to work! That's right - despite each of them having won a sizable £55,555.55, it's business as usual for this hard-working lottery crew.

The joys of lottery syndicates - play together, win together

Syndicates are always known to do well in lotteries, with the spread of risk having proven lucky for many over the years. Can't afford to play the lottery on your own? Just club together with a group of work colleagues, or even put together a syndicate with your family and friends. It's a strategy that's proved to be a winning one for many, with statistics showing that one out of every four jackpot wins is taken by a lottery syndicate - making it not just another random club, but a profitable investment as well.

At least, that's what the St Matthew's syndicate found after matching their numbers on the EuroMillions' Millionaire Maker jackpot draw on 6 March earlier this year. Playing their same number combination as always, the group kept to their strategy of always buying tickets from different retailers in order to mix things up. As their ticket for the EuroMillions was bought in the UK, they were automatically entered into the Millionaire Maker game as well - an additional draw guaranteeing one UK ticket a payday of £1 million.

euromillions syndicate winners

Playing the same numbers but buying from different stores - a simple enough strategy but one that paid out big time for the lucky cleaning ladies! Syndicate leader, Claire Roberts, explains: “On that particular Friday, my mum went to the News Stand on Dockhead Street to put on the lines. She checked the results online the next day but she didn’t look at the Millionaire Maker code. It wasn’t until the Monday that she realised we had won. We took turns to call all the other girls and let them know because we were arguing over who should get to share the news – fair is fair."

“The timing could not be better. I’ve just booked for myself, mum and my daughter to go on an all-inclusive holiday to Spain. I can now pay that all off without worrying and look forward to a fantastic summer!”

Claire's holiday plans mirror the rest of the group's ideas for their lottery windfalls, with plans for the money ranging from exotic vacations to new televisions and luxury home improvements. As Claire says,
“The girls in the syndicate are from all walks of life and ages range from 24 to 63, so this money really will help us all in different ways."

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