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If you're serious about winning the lottery you'll want to use every resource at your disposal. Instead of leaving your future to chance, why not work with the smartest lottery advisors in the industry? Increase your chance at taking home that big life-changing jackpot when you partner with one of our dedicated lottery experts.

Our hand-picked team of lottery experts has a combined winnings portfolio of millions of dollars; global lottery winnings that have gone straight into the pockets of lotto players just like you.

One of these friendly lottery odds experts – your dedicated agent - is standing by to assist you with discounted offers and “best lottery odds” advice for the world’s most exciting lotteries.

Imagine the possibilities…

  • Play the “big daddy” of lotteries - The U.S. Powerball (world jackpot record holder at $1.586 billion) - we’ll put you in contact with an agent who knows it’s secrets and you could be winning in no time.
  • Play in the world’s richest raffles; the Spanish Christmas Raffle – El Gordo de Navidad. You’ll be playing like a pro in no time! By the way, the Spanish Christmas Raffle last had a prize pool of €2.38 billion.
  • If you're a team player, you’ll want updated advice on how to play in the best odds syndicates, EuroMillions, MegaMillions, UK National syndicate to name a few. And, if you’re quick, take advantage of our “guaranteed win or your money back” syndicate deal.
  • Can offer you special money-back guarantees for the world's biggest lottery syndicates

If you’re serious about winning, here’s why you must take advantage of this service, right now…

Below are some of the data points our agents take into consideration when advising you… And other special conditions:

  • The daily rise and fall of each global lottery jackpot totals.
  • Which lotteries are being over or underplayed at the time.
  • Updates on the changing lottery rules to advise on odds changes.
  • Advise when discounted tickets become available and pass them onto you.
  • 15 years and 100’s of thousands of winning draws at your disposal for the most practical logic to improve your ROI - knowledge available to you through our agents.
  • Availability of special money-back guarantees for the world's biggest lottery syndicates - first in the lotto industry.
  • Moment to moment updates about which lotteries offer the best odds and biggest prizes.

This is why you’ll bank bigger prizes, more often.

This opportunity is being offered free today for a limited time when you register from this page.

Time to Meet your Team of Lottery Insiders

You’re about to meet your unfair advantage, our incredible team of lottery insider experts… One of them will become your new best friend!

You’ll be contacted telephonically and over time you’ll develop an ongoing working relationship. The two of you will regularly discuss best-winning strategies and kept up to date on all developing opportunities.

Mark Marais

Director of Advisory Department
15 years international lottery purchasing experience.
Co-Author of ‘The Lotto Secret’.
Speciality: VIP player strategy & implementation.

Zac Smith

Heading a team of 8 advisors for Sub Saharan African Region
7 years international lottery purchasing experience.
Contributor ‘The Lotto Secret’.
Speciality: Latin Raffles and ‘up purchase’ strategies.

Richard Anthony

Heading a team of 6 advisers for European Region
5 years international lottery purchasing experience.
Contributor ‘The Lotto Secret’.
Speciality: European draws and managing best ROI via number spread strategies.

Andrew Wright

Heading a team of 6 advisers for African Region
8 years international lottery purchasing experience.
Contributor ‘The Lotto Secret’.
Speciality: Lottery probability theory and real-world applications.

Katie Howell

Heading a team of 3 advisers for Asia Pacific Region
3 years international lottery purchasing experience.
Speciality: Syndicate via ‘Hot & Cold’ number methodology .

Simply complete a registration form and a Giant Lottos agent will contact you at your earliest convenience. You'll immediately be updated on all the insider secrets available at the current time and we'll get you started on your road to riches!

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