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11 September 2015

Live The Bentley Life With New Designer Accessory Collections

If you've heard of cars, then chances are you've heard of Bentley - one of the world's most coveted luxury motoring brands. For the past 95 years, Bentley has been responsible for producing some of the globe's most powerful, sophisticated and exquisitely handcrafted vehicles, driving people beyond the ordinary to a place of sheer perfection. 

Today, Bentley is taking its opulent brand even further, by releasing a collection of designer lifestyle products and accessories - in fact not just one collection, but seven in total. And if you've always wanted to be part of the Bentley world, and have the lotto millions to make it happen, then you too could start living the Bentley life in all its lavish glory. 

Luxury has a new name - Bentley

If you've got the means to make Bentley a part of your daily life, then you're sure to find the collection to suit you and your tastes. With seven meticulously designed accessory lines to choose from, including Business, Style, Home, Heritage, Bespoke, Colour and Bentley itself, your love for the luxurious will be satisfied in exceptional style. 

Consider yourself a businessperson? Then splash out on the leather goods from the Continental Collection within the Business line - and make sure to pay special attention to the briefcase and weekender bag available, ideal for both business and pleasure. Or if Style is more of a match, show off the newly designed autumn hues of the Bentley Continental handbag, perfectly complemented by a range of co-ordinating scarves as well. 

Bentley Handbag

If you've just purchased your dream home, then you'll want to start furnishing it with the very best - which is where Bentley's Home range comes in. A camel-coloured cashmere blanket here, a leather and chrome photo frame there, a walnut desk clock for a touch of vintage, and your house will be a home before you know it. And if life isn't life without a splash of the vibrant, the Colour collection will help brighten up your days with vivid leather goods, clothing and accessories too - all alive with striking hues and tones. 

The Bentley Bentayga - speed and style in one supremely extravagant package 

But by far the most impressive of all the collections is the Bentley itself - an array of scale models celebrating the Bentayga, Bentley's famed SUV, known as the fastest vehicle of its kind on the planet. Choose from the Dark Sapphire, Glacier White or Bentayga Bronze miniatures and decorate your home or office in ultimate Bentley style. Or if you're feeling a little more adventurous, why not purchase the actual Bentley Bentayga for yourself - a powerful beast of an SUV with top speeds of up to 301km/h, and a king's ransom of a price tag at $229,100. 

Bentley Bentayga

Want to start living the Bentley lifestyle both at home and on the road? Then you'll need to buy your lotto tickets from first. Every lucky number could bring you one step closer to style and sophistication - so buy your tickets online in time for the weekend draws and start making your dreams of world-class opulence a reality!

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