You know those people who always go on and on about how difficult it is to win the lottery? Well, we have a fabulous story you can tell them - about a pair of lottery players who hit the jackpot not once, but TWICE!

Lucky Marcy DiMaria and her business partner Mary Anic, both from Ontario, Canada, recently struck it rich with a $1 million win in their local Dream Lottery - a fundraising initiative supporting hospitals in their community.

Their million dollar win was cause for celebration enough, but the excitement didn't stop there - because what made the occasion even more unbelievable was the fact that it wasn't their first, but their second fantastic lottery win!

Two lottery wins, fifteen years apart

That's right - 1999 was the year, and a dream home was the prize when Marcy and Mary won the same hospital lottery for the first time. On that occasion, the pair sold the $1 million home that they had won, and used the money to take their spouses and children on holiday to the Mediterranean. "I wanted to share the good fortune," Marcy explained at the time.

Since the first lottery win, Marcy and husband Frank have continued to support local charities through the purchase of lottery tickets. Having owned several businesses in the community over the years, helping those looking to do good for others is a cause close to their hearts.

Marcy and Frank also have reason to be grateful to their hometown as well, as two years ago when Frank fell ill, their healthcare system repaid their generosity with top-of-the-line care. Today Frank is not only well again, he was by Marcy's side when they celebrated their 49th year.

Since their lucky win 15 years ago, life has had its ups and downs for DiMaria and Anic - so when Mary approached Marcy recently with the idea of buying a ticket for the Dream Lottery, Marcy was enthusiastic from the start. "I said, 'Oh golly yes, let's try again.' You just never know when God's going to be good to you", Marcy recalls.

As it turns out, that decision was a lucky one - and one that yet again netted them a $1 million prize! "Lightning does strike more than once," says Marcy. "We're so blessed, so blessed."

dimaria anic

While Marcy and Mary have yet to decide what to do with their winnings, the pair have already decided to share a portion of their prize with their staff at Sissio's, a pizzeria that the two own together. After that it's anyone's guess, but one thing's for sure - if any people are destined to be third time lucky lottery winners, we're sure it's Marcy and Mary!

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So, the next time someone tells you the lottery's impossible to win, just tell them about Marcy and Mary who won it not once, but twice! And then buy yourself a lottery ticket online from With lottery draws happening almost every day, and 17 chances for you to hit the lottery each week, the odds that Lady Luck will be on your side are better than they've ever been!


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