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20 January 2015


Oh it is on! The Instagram battle between East and West, that is. And if you're looking for ways to spendyour future lottery winnings, the social media space is buzzing with ideas thanks to bored rich kids and big bragging photographs.

Recently we showed you how the wealthy teens and twenty-somethings of Europe and the USA were spending daddy's money. Now the young and upwardly mobile set of the Middle East are having their say too, in an all-out "my yacht is bigger than yours" war on Instagram. All we say is keep it coming - and once we win the EuroMillions lottery (drawing tonight for £24 million), we'll take two of everything.

rich kids tehran 4

They may not live in the Hollywood Hills, but the Rich Kids of Tehran have more than enough bling of their own - and they're not shy about splashing it all over social media either. There have been doubts in the media as to whether the opulent photos are actually genuine, or simply lifted from the internet, but whether they're real or not, one thing's for sure - they paint a picture of an extravagant lifestyle most of us would love to have.

Making it rain, Tehran-style

A normal run-of-the-mill car isn't enough if you're a Persian Princess. Oh no, you need a gold-plated Mercedes and a garage full of supercars, from Maserati and Ferrari to Aston Martin, Audi and more. That's with the steep 40% import tax that gets added onto each car's invoice, pushing the price up to a sky-high £250,000 in some cases.

rich kids tehran 2

Of course if you're serious about travel, you'll need a private plane or your own private helicopter - because flying commercial is so 2014, darling. And where will your lavish flying machines take you? To the playgrounds of the rich and famous of course! From the streets of Paris to the oil fields of Dubai, it's luxury all the way.

The reckless spending doesn't stop there, not when there are designer labels to be bought. Rolex, Louboutin, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior - if it's overpriced it's on one of the Rich Kids of Tehran and shown off to the extreme.

Their spendthrift ways have been criticised on Instagram, but judging by their worry-free lifestyles, it's not something they're going to lose any sleep over. Their position is simple: "Wealth and luxury always bring jealousy to others so that's a normal thing no matter where you are in world!"

rich kids tehran

It's that carefree attitude and love for splashing their cash that has made the Rich Kids of Tehran such a social media sensation, with more than 23,000 followers on Instagram alone. And all we can say is bring it on - because the more high life we see being lived, the more ideas we get for our own lottery-funded fantasies of wealth and opulence.

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