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06 August 2015

Just What Every Lotto Winner Needs - A Massively Overpriced Yacht!

If you want to be taken seriously as an uber-wealthy person, forget about the fancy house, car and clothes (not literally obviously; you still have to live). No, you need something that's really going to blow everyone out of the water, something completely out of the ordinary, something like… a yacht!

That's right - every rich person worth their salt has a super fancy yacht docked somewhere expensive, all gleaming white and chrome and promising endless cocktail happy hours. A yacht, more than any other overpriced purchase, says wealth, stature and prestige - because at the end of the day, nobody actually needs a yacht. You need a house, car and clothes, yes, but a yacht, not so much. That's something you buy just because you can - and if the world's priciest docks are anything to go by, the glitterati already can, and do!

So if you've just hit the jackpot on the EuroMillions or the Powerball, and are wondering what to do with all of your lovely new money, why not take your inspiration from these well-to-do yacht owners, and splurge on something like:

The Octopus - $200 million

the octopus

If you're the co-founder of Microsoft, you can afford yourself a pretty nice dinghy - which is exactly what Paul Allen did when he bought the Octopus, the eighth-largest yacht in the world. At 414 feet, the Octopus is more like the Beast, with enough space for two helicopters, a submarine, and seven boats. When you boat has a boat, that's when you really know you've made it.

The Rising Sun - $200 million

the rising sun

If you've only got a paltry $100 million to spare, you might want to consider going halvies with a friend on a joint yacht ownership, just like media tycoon David Geffen, and Oracle CEO Larry Ellison. Their pride and joy is the 453-foot Rising Sun, specifically designed to outshine Paul Allen's Octopus (featured above). Some people may have too much free time on their hands, but it did result in a massively impressive yacht, featuring onyx-embellished cabinets, jacuzzis, a spa, sauna and gym, and a private cinema. Take that Octopus! 

Lady Moura – $210 million

lady moura yacht

There's always someone who has to go the extra mile when it comes to extravagant purchases - and in the case of Lady Moura, that someone is billionaire Nasser Al-Rashid. While the luxury Lady Moura yacht comes in at "just" 344 feet, significantly less than the Octopus or the Rising Sun, it puts them to shame when it comes to decadence, by featuring not just a retractable roof and a 75-foot banquet table, but a built-in resort hotel as well, complete with palm trees, deck chairs and sand. Oh my!

Superyacht ‘A’- $353 million

Superyacht A

In the tradition of celebrities so famous they only need one name (hey there Beyonce, Madonna and Prince), this superyacht is so exclusive, it's simply known as 'A'. Owned by Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko, Superyacht 'A' comes in at 390 feet, bringing with it three (count them) swimming pools, two smaller boats (again with the boats on a boat!) and the very latest in high-tech entertainment systems. We don't know about you, but we definitely give it an 'A' for luxury! (See what we did there…?)

So it's settled then - if you're a lotto winner, you need to buy a massively expensive boat, there's no two ways about it. And if your boat has a boat, so much the better. Of course if you're not a lotto winner yet, that's easily rectified - just buy your tickets for the mid-week lotto draws, and get ready to set sail for riches and fame today!  

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