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27 June 2017

Is This Ireland's Luckiest Lotto Player?

For the third time in 13 years a lucky Irishman has claimed his winning lotto prize, picking up a cheque for €20,000 on this latest occasion. But his previous two wins saw him walking away with a €300,000 win from a winning Lotto Plus 1 combo in 2004, and he took home €500,000 as part of a Lotto syndicate in 2006.

His latest winning ticket was a  EuroMillions Match 5 ticket that was purchased in Ballincollig, Cork and was worth €19,912.

The man, who did not want to be identified publicly, was accompanied by his pal who said, “He is the same person. But it is unbelievable that he has won three times. When he called me to tell me I thought he was kidding, ‘What are the chances of this happening anyone?’ I am thrilled for him it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.”

Speaking to The Mirror as the Munster bachelor paid a visit to Lotto headquarters in Dublin on Tuesday to pick up his latest prize amount, the lucky man joked, "you will be getting sick of me" and expounded on his good fortune further, saying, “I always play EuroMillions, and I bought my ticket as normal for the EuroMillions Draw on May 30th. I really couldn’t believe it when I saw 5 numbers came up. I know it’s not a life changing amount but it is still nice and will allow me do some things."

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He also told reporters, "This win shows that lightning can strike not once, not twice, but three times." And he hasn’t ruled out winning again, holding out hope for future wins.

Which might be sooner than later, as the National Lottery has issued an urgent appeal in the last few days for someone to come forward to claim an as yet unclaimed, €500,000 prize. With luck like his, his odds of winning the still unclaimed prize seems to be better than anyone else on the Emerald Isle.

Each winning amount needs to be claimed within three months of the draw date and as the draw in question occurred on April 25, there’s only a month left for the winner to claim their half a million euro jackpot.

Dermot Griffin, the National Lottery Chief Executive congratulated the three-time winner saying, “We have had people coming through here twice but to have someone in our Winners Room three times is something else. We are delighted for this player. It just shows dreams do come true - more than once.

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