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31 August 2017

Is It Safe To Buy Lotto Tickets Online?

One of the most frequently asked questions that lotto players have regarding online lotto is if it is entirely safe to play the lotto online. 


Ensure that the online lottery website is protected.

Search for the lock! Sites that are well protected have a tiny icon of a padlock prominently shown across the website. If you can locate this icon you can relax knowing that your personal details are secure. 

Examine the criteria of the online lottery site.

For instance, if there is a demand that you must be at least 18 years old to play, then don't register if you are under that indicated age as you will have to verify your age to claim a prize. Read the FAQs and Terms Of Use of any lottery website you wish to sign up with.

Does the online lottery ticket provider show contact details?

If a site is ambiguous about letting you know how you can contact them, there is most likely a reason and it is almost never a good one. Ensure there is sufficient contact info on a lottery website that you want to sign up with.

You should only play lotteries online from your personal computer.

Adding credit or debit card details over an open Wi-Fi connection or from an internet café may be a little more unsafe! Be sure that you use a trusted Wi-Fi connection and devices.

Giant Lottos have over 10 years of experience in the online lottery business, with a stellar 100% payout record of all winnings. Let's take a look at some of Giant Lottos other credentials that make them one of the leading online lottery concierge services.

  • We have an extensive team of trained, dedicated lottery account managers. They are there to ensure that all of our member's account information remains secured from malicious third parties. They are also on call to answer any account or lottery related questions that our players might have.
  • We regularly updated the different features on our website to offer our players a user-friendly and enjoyable playing experience. Giant Lottos also hold regular promotions such discounted tickets or bulk buy specials.
  • As a EU-based e-commerce company, Giant Lottos are legally required to comply with all the data protection measures that are required by such e-commerce companies. This means that your credit card information is protected by the latest encryption technology, and all of our transactions are handled using one of the UK's leading online merchant services.


Play Online Lotto

If you're looking for multi-million dollar jackpots then you've come to the right place. With the most popular lottos from the US and Europe, you're bound to find a lotto that is perfect for you! Sign up today and change your life with the world's leading jackpots. Giant Lottos are committed to providing you with a wide range of international lotteries that can be enjoyed from the convenience of your own home, while you're on your way to work or any other time you're on the go!


Play SuperEnalotto

SuperEnalotto online players decide on six numbers from 90 on a basic line, with prizes rewarded for matching anything from two main numbers and more. 
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Play EuroJackpot Online

The Europe EuroJackpot was invented to take on the EuroMillions by giving away more jackpots more frequently. Its winning odds of winning a jackpot are twice as better , so a new millionaire is being made practically each week. 
Buy EuroJackpot Tickets 

Play Irish Lotto

The major draw provides a minimal jackpot of at the very least ₤ 1.4 M, with ₤ 360k available on the Plus 1 draw and ₤ 180k on the Plus 2 draw. That means our players will have the oppurtunity to win 3 big cash prizes each week! 
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Buy Powerball Tickets Online

The US Powerball lottery has produced more prizewinners around the globe than any other online lotto. Not only that, but the US Powerball currently holds the world record for the most substantial ever jackpot win! 
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Online EuroMillions

EuroMillions tickets initially went on sale on 7 February 2004 with the launching EuroMillions draw occurring on Friday 13 February 2004 in Paris. The Euro Millions lottery has increased notably from the original three managing nations of the UK, France, and Spain. 
Buy EuroMillions Tickets 

Buy Mega Millions Tickets

Mega Millions (initially called The Big Game Mega Millions) is one of the world's biggest and impressive lottery games. It's played across 43 states in the USA, as well as the US Virgin Islands and the District of Columbia. It's so convenient to play, and with the jackpot's beginning at a huge $15 million, it's simple to see that the Mega Millions is so popular. 
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