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Irish nurses take home a well-deserved €2.8 million jackpot!

When we hear of someone winning millions in the lottery, usually our first thought is, "I wish that had been me!" We imagine what it would have been like for us to feel like lottery winners, imagine how we would have spent the money, and fantasise about how we would have been feted as the latest recipients of Lady Luck's largesse. Rarely, if ever, do we think, "yup, they deserved their win, good on them". It's all about the money, and we want to live in a rich man's world, thank you very much.

And then you read the story of how an Irish nursing syndicate cashed in on a €2.8 million Lotto jackpot, and you immediately think to yourself, "fantastic news". Because who's more deserving of a sizable reward than a largely unthanked, unappreciated and underpaid nurse, particularly at this time of year.

That's exactly what happened to the self-proclaimed "Lotties" - a syndicate of 17 nurses hailing from Wexford General Hospital. Ever since 1998, this group of hard-working nurses has participated regularly in the National Lottery - and now after 16 years their dedication and perseverance has paid off, to the tune of €170 394 each!

Winner Johanna Mary Doyle said when she first found out, she thought her husband was playing a joke on her. “My husband always writes the numbers down and then passes them to me. I saw the first three numbers were ours, and then the next three. I thought he was playing a joke, I couldn’t believe it. I started calling the girls. ‘You’re codding me, You’re pulling my leg!’ they were saying".

But eventually the group came to realise the fantastic news - that their syndicate was the latest to have won the lottery, and just at the time of year when extra cash comes in most handy. Dublin's National Lottery offices played host to the winning celebrations, as all 17 nurses, some retired, some still working came together to collect their substantial cheque.

While plans for the money remain unconfirmed, chances are some of it will go towards spoiling the group's total of 38 children, and we're sure that a very merry Christmas is in store for each one of the lucky winners and their families.

And to think, it all started with the simple purchase of a €64 multi-draw ticket, bought in The Kiosk, Abbey Centre, Abbey Square, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford. How many times have you thought to yourself, "hmm, I really should buy a lottery ticket", and then gone on to do other things? What if that one lottery ticket had been as lucky for you as it was for the Lotties? What if that one ticket meant saying goodbye to financial worries and burdens, and hello to lifelong security, full bank accounts and lots of sparkly new shiny toys?

One ticket is really all it takes - just ask the Irish nurses. One ticket and all your dreams could come true. So why not buy that one lottery ticket online from today? Your future is waiting - make it a rewarding one.



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