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28 June 2018

Irish Lotto Winner Keeps €2.9 Million Win A Secret From Everyone

The lucky man from Cavan has admitted that the only people who knew that he'd hit the jackpot were National Lottery officials.

When the long-time lotto player first heard that someone local had won a big jackpot he assumed that they had already come forward to claim the prize. It was only when he checked on some lottery tickets he had stashed away earlier that he was €2.9 million richer.

Although he admits the shock of the win hasn't completely settled in yet. “It’s a massive shock so I’m taking it one step at a time until I get used to having nearly €3 million in my bank account," he told news reporters.

In fact, hitting the jackpot has unsettled the man so that he hasn't even told his closest friends or family yet. “I haven’t told a soul. Absolutely nobody knows, not even my family, I am going to get some good advice about what I am going to do with the money and as soon as all of this commotion has died down, I will be able to relax a little more.”

Even the owners of the shop were the winning ticket was sold are excited for the man. “We’re certainly lucky up in this part of the country. We sold a €2 million Lotto Jackpot ticket in 2013," the shop's owners told reporters.

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