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07 September 2016

Introducing the winner of our Summer Olympics competition!

The days may be getting warmer, but Evan, one of our Southern African players, is spending a lot more time indoors. And who can blame him - because with a brand-new 55" LED TV hanging on his wall, he's got plenty of reasons to want to cultivate a close personal relationship with his couch.

If you hadn't guessed it by now, we're going to have to spoil the surprise - because yes, Evan is the lucky winner of the Giant Lottos Summer Olympics competition, and the proud new owner of a fabulously gigantic television!

Giant Lottos Competition Winner

We got in touch with Evan recently and asked him how he was enjoying the new addition to his family. Turns out, a lot!

"Thanks a lot for the 55" TV, Giant Lottos. This really was a great surprise and a great prize.

I'm not the type of person that would normally take part in competitions, but wow, I'm so glad I took part in your Olympics TV Competition. When you phoned me to inform me that I was the winner of the competition, I thought it was a prank until you convinced me that this was genuine. I was with a customer at the time and it was almost impossible to contain my outburst of joy and excitement. This is the first time I have won something in a competition and consider myself very fortunate and lucky. My family were just as excited about the TV as I was. Now we can watch our favourite programmes like Discovery, NatGeo and others in HD without having to strain our eyes to see detail.

I used to play the local lotteries but about 4 or 5 years ago they stopped the purchase of tickets via my bank account, so I searched for sites that offer lottery tickets, found Giant Lottos, and have been purchasing tickets with you ever since. My favourite lottery is the SuperEnaLotto, although I do play the US Powerball and EuroMillions too. Once again a big thank you to Giant Lottos - I can't wait to enter the next competition!"

Evan, it's only a pleasure, and we hope you and your family enjoy as much bonding time around your fabulous new TV as possible! (And if you throw a rugby party any time soon, we may just sneak in uninvited…)

Giant Lottos Competition Winner 2

A huge thank you to everyone who entered the Giant Lottos Summer Olympics Competition - your participation made the promotion an overwhelming success. And if you didn't win this time round, don't worry - there are plenty more prizes on the way. Keep an eye out for more fantastic competitions, and in the meantime, keep playing to hit your favourite international lottery jackpots. Good luck!

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