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19 August 2015

I Think I Won The Lotto! But I'm Not Sure…

We've lost count of the number of times we've read about lotto winners losing their lucky tickets and being unable to claim their huge prize jackpots. Whether it's throwing tickets in the rubbish, leaving them in jeans meant for the laundry, losing them in the back seat of a car or down the couch, the news is littered with stories of people missing out on mega millions - or worse, not knowing they've even won in the first place.

Then there are the stories of winners not believing their massive luck - either laughing off a huge win, or searching desperately for verification, unable to believe in their amazing good fortune. Stories like the lottery world's most recent tale of a Michigan man travelling from store to store to confirm his jackpot win - and eventually having his wildest jackpot dreams realised, to the tune of $3.5 million!

Jackpot win leads Cheboygan County man a song and dance

It's not every day you go into a store to check your lotto numbers and get given the news that you're $3.5 million richer. So we can't blame the latest lotto winner from Michigan for doubting his good luck. After the jackpot draw, the lucky player, who has chosen to remain anonymous, decided to check what, if anything he'd won. And when he was told the results at the store, he was understandably shocked - and hugely disbelieving too!

winning ticket

So much so that instead of taking the cashier at their word, he immediately drove round to a string of other stores, checking his lucky numbers at each one, and receiving the same news back each time. You're a winner!

"I checked my ticket at a self-scanner and it said to see the clerk," says the man. "I thought there could be a problem with the ticket or scanner, so I tucked it away and checked it a few more times, but the same thing kept happening. I finally asked a clerk for a printout of the winning numbers and went to my car to go over my ticket. When I got to line 'D' and saw I matched all six numbers, I didn't know what to think," he says. We know what we'd be thinking. Drinks for everyone!

Nerves, anticipation and plans for the future

Of course this lucky lotto winner's plan was slightly more responsible than drinks on the house. Instead he kept his winning ticket safely stored in his Bible while he explored his financial options, finally choosing to take the once-off $2.2 million cash lump sum. And while he found it difficult to connect to the idea of being a lotto winner, it's one he's coming to terms with slowly.

"I was excited, but also really nervous," he says. "When you have a piece of paper worth that much money, you really start to wonder about what could happen. I don't think I slept at all for two days. Our family plans to keep life normal and thank God for this blessing every day."

Congratulations to the lucky winner and his family, now finally able to enjoy their fortune after having their good luck confirmed. Of course, if you play with, you don't need to drive from store to store checking your numbers. Instead, just sit back and let us do all the work - because the moment you're a winner, we'll email you to let you know, or personally call you with the winning jackpot news ourselves. There's no worrying about missing out on a jackpot, and no stress over the authenticity of your claim - just complete peace of mind, and massive celebrations once that phone starts ringing. And of course, the sooner you buy your lotto tickets with, the sooner that good jackpot news could be coming your way! 

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