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19 October 2016

How well do you know the lottery? Fun lotto facts and figures

Think you know everything there is to know about the lottery? You'd be surprised! We certainly were when we came across these lotto facts recently - so we thought we'd put you to the test. Take a look at these fun lotto findings and statistics, and see how many you already know, and how many you can apply to your own lotto-winning future!  

Spend, spend, spend

Giant Lottos Shopping spree 

Yes, lottery winners helping out friends, family and charities is commendable, but what's most fun for us is finding out what they actually spend their new-found winnings on. Unsurprisingly, a massive 70% of winners choose to purchase new homes, while 10% go all out and buy not just one new vehicle, but more than 10! There are the usual purchases like tropical overseas holidays, luxury travel and designer shopping sprees, but then there are the wildly unusual purchases like a new pair of hips, tarantulas, and even a fireworks company. We may not go quite as all out as that, but our lotto must-buy list is a long one, and we can't wait to start ticking things off. Solid gold bath, anyone?

Working 9 to 5

Giant Lottos working 9 to 5

You might think that all lotto winners pack in their jobs the minute they realise they've matched all the numbers, but surprisingly you'd be wrong. In fact, a full 60% of winners continue working after hitting the jackpot, with 15% moving to new jobs, and 45% starting their own companies in fine entrepreneurial style. As for the remaining 40%, they take the early retirement option, and are most likely sitting on an exotic beach somewhere sipping Mai Tais without a care in the world. Cheers!

Keeping it in the family

Giant Lottos family

As we've already mentioned, many lottery winners choose to give money to their families after winning - in fact, at a whopping 83%, the overwhelming majority of new lotto millionaires spread their wealth to loved ones. With 66% going to siblings, 57% to their own children, and 51% to parents, it seems it pays to be related to lottery players. So perhaps the next time you buy a lottery ticket, buy a few for your family members as well and increase your winning chances. It doesn’t hurt to try!  

Prepare for lift-off

Giant Lottos lift off

Hitting the jackpot can open new doors for people - often literally, with 38% of winners relocating once their fortunes change, 75% of these to a new home, and 24% to a new country altogether. And even if they choose to stay in their current location, 19% of lottery winners jet off overseas for the very first time, with 7% purchasing an RV to look after them on their travels. Better make sure your passport's up to date - looks like you could be leaving any minute! 

Keep going for gold         

Giant Lottos keep buying tickets

But perhaps most surprising out of all lotto statistics is the fact that a full two thirds of lottery winners keep playing the lotto, even after hitting the jackpot. It seems that no matter what your lottery fortunes, there's just something about the game that keeps players coming back for more. Of course with Giant Lottos, playing to win couldn't be easier. Just sign into your account, choose your lottery and lucky number combination, and you too could soon be deciding between a mansion, a fleet of Ferraris, or a five-star trip to the Seychelles. With the correct answer obviously being all three! 

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