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12 February 2015


Last night the US Powerball made headlines with a life-changing $500 million jackpot, the result of a streak of consecutive rollovers and a huge surge in ticket sales. After weeks of no winners, the atmosphere was electric - Powerball fever had hit, and hit hard. And finally, the lottery players' patience was rewarded, with not one, but three big winners!

That's right - the US Powerball jackpot has finally been won, with its $500 million pot split between three lucky players. And even though it's a three-way divide, it's still more than enough to live in luxury for years to come, with a massive $166 million going to each ecstatic winner. Reports are still coming in as the winners' identities are confirmed, but one thing's for sure - three families are going to have an absolutely fantastic 2015!

Although we're slightly miffed at having missed out on the Powerball jackpot for ourselves (seriously, hours have been spent daydreaming), we're nothing if not giving - and that's why we'd like to offer Powerball's three newest millionaires some solid advice on how to spend their winnings. Because if it's good enough for the rich and famous, it's good enough for players with nine bright shiny figures in their bank accounts.

Private pool - $1 million

For starters, how about a pool to jazz up your property? But you don't want an ordinary pool of course - you want one like Tony and Mariana Kitchukov, who spent a whopping $1 million on their own private backyard oasis. Forget a little diving board and maybe a palm tree or two - this stunner features a 15-foot slide, fountains, waterfalls, and digitised lighting effects. Not to mention fire pits, torches and palm trees spread throughout the property. It may be a little extravagant, but when you've got over $166 million in the bank, spending $1 million on a pool is just pocket change.

kitchukov pool

24-carat gold bathtub - $2.3 million

Proving the phrase "more money, less sense", Mike Tyson became the epitome of extravagant spending when he dropped a cool $2.3 million on a bathtub. But not just any old bathtub - a solid gold 24-carat one! Gold jewellery we can understand - a gold bathtub, not so much. But if that's what floats your boat (or your rubber duck), then go right ahead and add it to your $166 million shopping list.

tyson bathtub

Lamborghini Veneno - $4 million

Now this is more like it - a supercar so exclusive only four of them were ever made. One of them now resides at the home of businessman Kris Singh, who was offered the rare chance to purchase one for himself. Having a keen eye for a bargain (?), Singh paid the $4.65 million price tag without batting an eyelid, or even seeing the car at all. Two years after signing on the dotted line though, Singh now has one of the world's most sought after performance cars - and it's one you'll have no trouble affording either. Providing they make Veneno number five, that is.


Birthday Party - $6.6 million

Of course no lottery win would be complete without a celebration - so why not take a leaf from Victor Pinchuk’s book, and go all out with a $6.6 million bash! Forget cupcakes and gift bags - when this Ukrainian billionaire hit the big 5-0, he put on a party for the history books at a French ski resort for 300 of his closest friends. Think gourmet menus, award-winning chefs, Cirque du Soleil and a guest list including Paul McCartney, Bill Clinton and Steven Spielberg. No-one says no to a billionaire - and no-one says no to an extravagantly luxurious party either. Something we're sure you'll find out for yourself the first time you throw one! (If you need our address to send us an invite, just let us know.)

Inspired to purchase any of these or other completely extravagant and wonderfully wasteful items for yourself? Then you'll need the millions first - and there's no better place to win them than at The weekend lotteries are almost upon us so make sure you get your ticket in time, and get ready for your own multi-million dollar shopping spree!




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