Play The USA Powerball Online - How To Play In The World’s Most Famous Lottery Game

Why Should You Play The USA Powerball Lotto Online?

The USA Powerball history goes back to 1992. They were the first lottery game to use two drums to draw their lucky numbers. Available to players across the USA, you can now also play online in the USA Powerball. All by registering and playing at Giant Lottos. The Powerball currently has a starting jackpot of $40 million, and an all-time high jackpot of $1.56 billion!

What are the odds of winning the USA Powerball jackpot?

Every Wednesday and Saturday millions of people from around the world play in the USA Powerball hoping to back one of the million dollar prizes. The odds of winning the USA Powerball jackpot is 1-in-292,200,000.

The odds of winning the Powerball jackpot may be higher than some other lotteries. But remember the prizes are also much bigger. The odds of winning the lowest-tier Powerball prize is 1-in-38. The odds of winning the second-tier Powerball prize is 1-in-11,688,000, these prizes are still valued in the multi-millions.

If the Powerball winning odds look a little high to you, just take a look at the prizes and you’ll see why. The Powerball might have higher winning odds, but this is justified by the huge multi-million dollar prizes.

Live the ultra-rich lifestyle with the USA Powerball jackpot prizes

Initially only available to players in the USA, the Powerball is now enjoyed by players from all around the world twice a week. The USA Powerball has one of the biggest ever lottery jackpots won by a single ticket holder; $1.58 billion won in January 2016.

The USA Powerball has a starting jackpot of $40 million, one of the largest starting jackpots in the world. There is also no jackpot cap on the USA Powerball, meaning it will rollover and increase in value until it is won. This is why it has reached the billion dollar jackpot mark in the past.

How easy is it to win the USA Powerball?

The USA Powerball winning odds are higher than other major lottery games. But this is because the prizes are also much bigger. The Powerball has a starting jackpot of $40 million, and has also awarded one of the world’s biggest lottery jackpots. A $1.5 billion dollar prize in 2012.

The USA Powerball number range for the main lucky numbers ranges from 1-69. Players must choose five numbers from this range for every Powerball ticket played. There is also a bonus ball number with a range from 1-26. Players must also choose a number from this range for every Powerball ticket. To win the Powerball jackpot players must match all the numbers from the main numbers and the bonus ball number.

Is The US Powerball The Best Lottery?

When you think of big lottery jackpots one particular name comes to mind; Powerball. Of the 10 biggest ever lottery jackpots, the USA Powerball is responsible for paying out 7 of these. Everyone that plays USA Powerball knows about their billion dollar jackpot prizes.

The current Powerball starting jackpot is $40 million. This is one of the biggest starting jackpots of any lottery in the world. And there is no Powerball jackpot cap, meaning the jackpot will only get bigger until it is won!

The USA Powerball not only has billion dollar jackpot prizes, but the second and third tier prizes. They also regularly reach into the multi-millions. If you like chasing the richest jackpots available then the USA Powerball is the perfect lottery for you.

Easy Tips To Help You Win The USA Powerball

Every player who enters a Powerball ticket hopes that they have a winner. Here are some simple tricks and tips that you can use when playing USA Powerball. They will help improve your chances at winning a Powerball prize.

Don’t play recently drawn numbers. When looking at the number patterns we see that if a number has been drawn it is up to 30% less likely to come up in subsequent draws. If numbers have been drawn in 2 draws they are up to 50% less likely to be drawn in a third draw.

Throw out your calendar. Probably the most common number strategy used is taking significant calendar dates as lucky numbers. The flaw in this strategy is it limits your number range, and therefore your chances at winning. Use numbers from the entire range instead of limiting yourself from 1-31.

Play lucky numbers over 31. This is because choosing calendar dates is such a common strategy. Winning prizes using numbers over 31 will mean you split winnings with less people. Make sure at least half your lucky numbers are over 31.

Play the lottery online. Billions of dollars in lottery winnings is forfeit every year because players lose their tickets or forget to check the results. Playing the lottery online means you never have to worry about checking results. Or claiming winnings, all that is done automatically!

Join a Powerball lottery syndicate. When you play in the USA Powerball syndicate you share the costs with other syndicate members. Playing in a Powerball syndicate is the quickest and easiest way to increase your winning chances. This is without having to spend more money on tickets.

Don’t use number patterns. Another common strategy is using certain number patterns when picking Powerball numbers. These include all odd or even numbers, all high or low numbers, ect. It’s always best to spread your lucky numbers out as much as possible.

USA Powerball Jackpot And Top Prize Winning Odds

The USA Powerball is the best known lottery, and it’s easy to see why. It’s multi-million dollar prizes are now available to players from all over the world. The starting jackpot for the Powerball is a massive $40 million. And the record Powerball jackpot is $1.56 billion, the biggest lottery jackpot ever won!

If you want to win the USA Powerball jackpot you must match all five of the main lucky numbers. As well as the one additional bonus ball number. If you match less lucky numbers you will still win second or third tier prizes, which still value in the multi-millions. The USA Powerball pays out some of the largest prizes of any lottery in the world.

Check below to see the USA Powerball prize tiers and winning odds

5 Numbers + 1 Bonus Number 1 in 292,201,000
5 Numbers 1 in 11,688,045
4 Numbers + 1 Bonus Number 1 in 913,130
4 Numbers 1 in 36,525
3 Numbers + 1 Bonus Numbers 1 in 14,494

What is the USA Powerball jackpot cap?

There is no USA Powerball lottery jackpot cap. Meaning the jackpot will keep getting bigger until it is won. Which is the primary reason behind the jackpot reaching the billion dollar records it has before. The USA Powerball is one of the few lotteries available with no jackpot cap.

Because there is no USA Powerball jackpot cap the main jackpot is able to reach the heights of the record $1.56 billion won in 2012.

What are the biggest ever Powerball jackpots?

The USA Powerball is synonymous with multi-million dollar jackpots. And now you can play for those jackpots anywhere in the world by playing your tickets online. The biggest ever Powerball jackpot was won by a single ticket holder in 2016, and paid out a whopping $1.56 billion.

Take a look below at the biggest ever won USA Powerball jackpots:

13th January 2016 $1.56 Billion
August 2017 $758 Million
March 2012 $656 Million
December 2013 $648 Million
May 2013 $590 Million

How do I play the USA Powerball lottery online?

Any player who has a registered Giant Lottos account can play USA Powerball and any other lottery game online. After you have created your free online account you can play. You may play tickets and collect prizes from lottery games that you may not find in your home country.

Follow the below steps to how you can start playing USA Powerball online today:

Pick how many USA Powerball tickets you would like to play in the draw

The first thing you need to do is decide how many tickets to play in the upcoming USA Powerball draw. There are 3, 5, 10 and 20 combinations that you can play. Always remember; the more USA Powerball tickets you play, the better your chances at winning!

There is a 3 ticket minimum on each USA Powerball draw. There are EuroMillions draws every Wednesday and Saturday.

Choose your lucky USA Powerball numbers

For each USA Powerball play you must pick five main numbers and one additional bonus ball number. The main numbers are selected from a number pool of 1-69. The bonus ball number is from a pool of 1-25. Picking the right lucky numbers will be the deciding factor on how much USA Powerball moola you take home.

Remember, the more lucky numbers you match the bigger your prize will be!

Complete your payment and wait for the next USA Powerball draw!

Now that you’ve played your tickets and picked your lucky numbers. You’re ready to complete your USA Powerball ticket purchase. Now just click the ‘Checkout’ button and all of your USA Powerball tickets will be moved to the ‘Shopping Cart’ section.

Now that all of your tickets are in the Shopping Cart you just need to make the final payment. After making your final payment all your USA Powerball tickets will enter into the upcoming USA Powerball draw. You will also receive an email confirming your tickets, lucky numbers and the particular lottery draw that you have entered. Good luck!

How To Check USA Powerball Draw Times And Results Online

You may access all USA Powerball results online the day after the official draw has taken place. The USA Powerball draws take place on Wednesday and Saturday at 4am GMT. The USA Powerball results are then published each Thursday and Sunday at 4am GMT.

Players who has bought USA Powerball tickets will receive an email confirming their results and winnings.

You can also find all the historic USA Powerball results from a separate results page. These results are for all the past USA Powerball draws.

There are also USA Powerball results available on the USA Powerball ticketing pages.

Frequently Asked Questions

At what time do USA Powerball ticket sales close today?

The ticket sales for the USA Powerball will close shortly before the draw. The USA Powerball draws take place each Wednesday and Saturday at 4am GMT. Ticket sales close around 15 minutes before.

How many numbers must I watch to win the USA Powerball?

To win the USA Powerball jackpot players must match all five lucky numbers and the one additional bonus ball number. Matching less numbers can still win you any of the lower tier USA Powerbal prizes.

Is it easy to win the USA Powerball?

The odds of winning the USA Powerball are higher than other lotteries because the prizes are so much bigger. The odds of winning the USA Powerball jackpot is 292,000,000, which is more or less on par with other multi-million dollar lotteries.

Am I allowed to play USA Powerball in my home country?

You can play the USA Powerball online at Giant Lottos. Any player who has registered their free online account will have access to a variety of lottery games. They might not find these lotteries in their home country. Buy tickets for and play for official lottery prizes at Giant Lottos today!

How much does the USA Powerball cost?

It costs £4.99 for one USA Powerball ticket. There is a three ticket minimum when playing USA Powerball online. You can also play multiple USA Powerball tickets over multiple draw dates rather than only playing in single draws.

How do I know if I win the USA Powerball?

All players who win USA Powerball prizes will receive an email notifying them of the win. And will have the prize automatically paid into their online account. And if you’re lucky enough to hit the USA Powerball jackpot? A Giant Lottos account manager will deliver the good news to you personally!

Can I play the USA Powerball outside of the USA?

Usually the USA Powerball is only available to American players. But now you can play the USA Powerball anywhere in the world thanks to online lottery ticketing agents. At Giant Lottos you can play for and win official USA Powerball prizes and jackpots.

Am I likely to win the USA Powerball lottery?

The odds of winning the USA Powerball jackpot is 1-in-292,000,000, which are normal odds considering the size of the USA Powerball prizes. You can still win other massive USA Powerball prizes that have better odds. The odds of winning the second tier USA Powerball prize is 1-in-11,688,000.

Can I win the USA Powerball if I match 2 numbers?

If you match 2 numbers in the USA Powerball you can win one of the lowest tier prizes. The payout of these prizes depends on how you play i.e syndicate or individual tickets. Matching 2 or 3 numbers in the USA Powerball will win you the lowest tier prizes.

Is the USA Powerball the best lotto to play?

Looking for record-breaking jackpots from the biggest lottery game in the world? Then the USA Powerball is just the game for you! It’s un-matched jackpot amounts mean it’s the best lottery to play if you’re looking to chase the biggest jackpots around.

Play USA Powerball Lottery Online Here

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