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03 March 2016

How To Improve Your Chances Of Winning The Lottery + Comments Competition (Closed)

This is the year it finally happens. This is the year you make your wildest dreams come true! How long have you been at your day job, fantasising about travelling the world, driving your favourite sports car, living in a huge beachside villa, flying first class, and getting the most out of life in every way?

Well, this year that stops. This year there's no more dreaming - there's only doing.

Because 2016 is your year, and we want to help make it the best one you've ever had.

And the quickest way to do that? By letting you in on the lotto-winning secrets that have turned past players into present winners!

So go on - follow our tips, buy your lotto tickets online, and make 2016 the year you start living the life of awesomeness you deserve!

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1. Make your choice and stick to it

Statistics show that players who choose one or more lucky number combinations and play them regularly stand a better chance of winning than those who choose their numbers randomly every time.

So if there's a set of numbers that has special meaning for you, play it not just once, but every time you enter your favourite lotto.

That being said, the more often you play, the more you naturally increase your chances of winning at the same time - so play your favourite numbers, and play them often!

2. Choose your numbers wisely

Of course, while playing the same numbers regularly is a good tactic, playing the right numbers is an even better one.

While we can't confess to knowing the actual draw numbers (if only), what we do know is that choosing a number combination made up entirely of birthdays, anniversaries or other dates can often result in a jackpot being split between winners, as none of the numbers go over 31.

In order to ensure that your number combination is a unique one, thereby enabling you not just to win, but to win more, look at choosing some numbers above 31, and potentially taking the entire multi-million jackpot for yourself!


choose your numbers wisely

3. Get by with a little help from other jackpot hunters

While playing the lotto individually will give you the best chance of winning the biggest amount, playing in a syndicate could give you the best chance of winning full stop.

Purchasing tickets in a group play gives you more entries into each draw, and subsequently more chance of winning.

In fact, with one out of every four jackpot wins being claimed by a syndicate, every week you don't play as part of a group could be a week you miss out on winning!

4. Set your alarm

All things being equal, the time at which you purchase your lottery tickets shouldn't make a difference as to whether or not you win - however statistically speaking, most jackpot winners have been found to purchase their tickets on Friday nights.

So if you want to be in it to win it, try holding off your weekend lotto purchases till Friday evenings - although remember to set an alarm or reminder so you don't forget altogether!

set your alarm

Ready to give it a shot and make 2016 your year?

GiantLottos is waiting to welcome you! Just keep our tips in mind, play the lottery you connect with the most, and who knows - the life of luxury you've been dreaming of could be yours in a matter of days!

Good luck!



Thanks to everybody who entered our competition. The winner of the play credits will be announced very shortly so keep your eyes out for this!

How do you like playing your favourite lottos? Quick pick, manual entries or perhaps you prefer playing via bundles or syndicates? Tell us which one and why by commenting below.

The best answer receives free €/£/$ 20 in Play Credits!! Winner will be announced on Monday 7 March.

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