See How A Mathematician Cracked The Lottery Code And Won 14 Times

Winning the lottery isn't exactly easy, so how difficult do you think it would be to win fourteen times? Read below for the story of a mathematician who cracked the code to take home multiple jackpots.

Stefan Mandel was born in communist Romania, where most of the population was living in crippling poverty. Jobs where very scare and outside of criminal activities there weren't many ways to make an honest living. But there was a state-run lottery that caught Mandel's eye.

While working as an economist Mandel wanted to find a foolproof way to win the lottery. So he brainstormed statistics and other data until he discovered the ideal math formula that could predict 5 out of 6 winning numbers. Mandel was determined to use his lottery winnings to escape the country.

After he had won enough money he finally had the means to escape Romania. Being Jewish, he set his sights on moving to Israel. However, leaving was not easy and he had to use a large sum of his winnings to bride border officials.

After living in Israel for awhile, Mandel and his family decided to move to Australia where he would claim his biggest win yet. After he got Australian citizenship he set his grand plan in order to claim more winnings than he had before....

Watch below to see the rest of the story of Stefan Mandel.

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