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02 July 2015

Hit The Jackpot With The USA Mega Millions!

It’s one of the biggest lotteries in the world, with one of the biggest ever jackpots on record – it’s the USA Mega Millions and it’s set to pay out a massive $84 million come Friday night!

If you’re in the money for an annuity of $84 million, or a one-time cash payout of $50 million, then the USA Mega Millions is where you need to be this weekend. And of course buying a ticket online with will mean you’re in it to win it. While it’s not the biggest jackpot ever paid out by the USA Mega Millions (that honour falls to the colossal $656 million that was shared between three lucky winners in 2012) it’s still well worth playing for – because with $84 million, you could make a lifetime’s worth of dreams come true!

lottery tickets mega millions

USA Mega Millions pays out $1 million to office syndicate

In fact, when it comes down to it, you don’t need anything like $84 million to start making your wildest fantasies a reality. Just ask the office syndicate that recently won a most welcome $1 million on the USA Mega Millions on 26 June.

Bought by Kay White, a member of the “Awesome Eight” office syndicate, the winning ticket matched the first five winning numbers of last Friday’s Mega Millions draw, netting the ecstatic group a total of $1 million.

awesome eight lottery winners

While the syndicate originally thought White was playing a trick on them when she initially broke the winning news, they soon came around to the fact that each of them had won an amazing $125,000 before taxes.

And if the “Awesome Eight” is thrilled by their Mega Millions win of $125,000, just imagine how much more overwhelmed you’ll be when you clinch that life-changing $84 million come Friday evening!

USA Mega Millions not enough? Play the Powerball as well!

Of course if the Mega Millions jackpot is not enough for you, there’s still everything to play for in the USA Powerball as well, with a huge $70 million up for grabs in Saturday’s draw. With the Powerball jackpot having rolled over a number of times since being reset, Saturday night seems the perfect time to make your play for USA jackpot glory!

And when you buy your Powerball ticket online with, remember that we’ll keep a record of your ticket details and your transaction history, and we’ll notify you immediately should you win a prize. That way you won’t be like the most recent Powerball winner from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, who’s in danger of losing out on their $1 million jackpot if they don’t claim it soon.

So get ready to make your biggest, most indulgent dreams come true with two of the biggest lotteries in the world – the USA Mega Millions and the Powerball! Simply buy your lottery tickets online with in time for either tonight’s draw, Friday’s draw, or both, and who knows – this could be the week you start living the multi-million dollar life you’ve always wanted!



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