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06 February 2015


When you dream about spending your millions in lottery winnings, where do you see yourself shopping? Perhaps at a luxury car dealership, a real estate showcase, or even at designer fashion houses? All obvious choices, and all thrilling ones too. But what about the less obvious choices - the places not many millionaires go, but where you could do some serious damage with your lottery winnings, and pick up some seriously fantastic extravagances too?

Believe it or not, the online auction house, eBay, has in recent years become a playground for the wealthy, with some of its lots fetching record-winning bids. It's true that if you think of top auction houses, you automatically think of places like Sotheby's or Christies - but don't discount eBay just yet, as it has more than enough opulence to satisfy even the most demanding lottery winner!


Make your lottery jackpot win count on eBay

Take the Hollywood sign for example. No, not the one that's currently standing - the first one that originally read "Hollwoodland" (bet you didn't know that!). The sign was taken down in the early 1970s and replaced with the iconic one that's still there today. At the time it was bought by Hank Berger, who put it in storage, but recently took it out again to sell on eBay when its upkeep became too much for his pocket. The sign was sold for a "mere" $450,000 - cheap at the price, and a piece of irreplaceable Americana for its new owner. Get those lottery winnings ready though, as you never know when it could be going up for auction again!

Or what about one of the most famous baseball bats in the world - Shoeless Joe Jackson's "Black Betsy", made notorious by a World Series game that Jackson and his teammates threw for money. This piece of baseball history drew the attention of eBay bidders when Jackson's nephew put it up for auction, fetching a tidy $577,610. Pay a visit with your lottery winnings one day, and you too could be the new owner of a piece of priceless sporting memorabilia.

Fancy yourself as a bit of a leader? How about even a town mayor? Or why not go all out and actually purchase a whole town instead? That's what one eBay bidder did, getting the town of Bridgeville, California for the rock-bottom price of $1.77 million. We've heard of owning your own mansion, but your own town? Now that's a new one!

Finally, if you're looking for advice on what to do with all your oodles of lottery winnings, why not ask the King of Finance himself - Mr Warren Buffet! As a fundraising exercise to benefit the food banks of California, Buffett auctions off a lunch with himself every year on eBay. The most expensive bid on this prestigious lot came in 2010, reaching a price of $2.6 million - although typically the lunch goes for far less than that. Whatever the price though, it's worth it to for the chance to be advised by one of the world's financial leaders.

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