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19 December 2014

Go big or go home with the USA lottery draws this weekend!

They say that bigger isn't always better - but when it comes to lottery jackpots, we completely disagree! That's because this weekend the US national lotteries are going all out when it comes to big prizes and BIG jackpot winnings!

If all you've ever played at are the UK National Lottery and EuroMillions draws, then you may want to think again this Friday - because the US Mega Millions draw is up to an absolutely gigantic $125 million! That's almost £80 million - a ridiculously massive sum, and it could all be yours if you play the Mega Millions lottery this weekend.

If you haven't played the Mega Millions lottery before, don't fret - there's nothing to it. All you have to do is buy your Mega Millions lottery ticket online from for the princely sum of £3.70, and then choose 5 main numbers and 1 Mega Ball. Match all 6 numbers and that gargantuan jackpot is yours! And if you think, oh, that could never happen to me, just ponder this - the biggest Mega Millions jackpot ever won was an unbelievable $656 million, shared between THREE players! That's over $200 million EACH! Which just goes to show that winning colossal jackpots is completely possible - all you have to do is buy a ticket!

And the lottery madness doesn't stop there - because this Saturday's US Powerball lottery is up to an enormous $90 million as well. If that number seems familiar to you, that's because it's the exact same amount that was won by a single winner as recently as 29 November, proving that one ticket is literally all it takes to secure a mammoth jackpot of over £57 million.

If you want to fill your bank account up with all those zeros, you'll have to get playing first, and that means buying a Powerball ticket online from If you've got £3.70, then you've got everything you need to get in the game. From there, simply choose 5 main numbers and one Powerball - then wait for all 6 of your numbers to match and claim that immense jackpot all for yourself! With that amount of money you wouldn't need to book an exotic vacation away - you could buy your very own island and never leave again, except maybe to test drive the latest Ferrari before adding it to your supercar collection.

And don't forget - this weekend's European lotteries are nothing to sneeze at either. With the UK National Lottery up to £4.7 million, and the EuroMillions standing at £11 million, the winning opportunities are limitless. And hey, if you want to keep all your lottery bases covered, why not buy a lottery ticket online for all four lotteries, and up your chances of winning on not one, but two continents! With a giant jackpot in your back pocket, every day could be like Christmas!

So go for gold this weekend with lottery jackpots a-go-go and buy your winning lottery ticket online from today!



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