Giving Comfort Food The Five-Star Treatment

Big juicy burgers, delicious club sandwiches, sinful mouthfuls of chocolate - these are the types of comfort foods we turn to when we're hungry, upset, or in need of nurturing. They're readily available, they taste fantastic, and they hit the spot like nothing else. Best of all, they don't cost the earth - just hand over a few dollars or pounds and you'll be in food heaven before you know it.

If you're part of the uber-wealthy inner circle, however, you couldn't be expected to eat anything so terribly mundane. Oh no - you need glitz, glamour and gold leaf, and a hefty price tag to match. Ordinary old comfort foods would never do - you need to ramp up the luxury factor and then some. That's why you'd never stoop to eating plain old regular burgers, sandwiches or choccies - you'd need the absolute most exclusive varieties money could buy. Of course, us mere mortals could never hope to afford these rare examples of gastronomic excellence - that is, unless you've won the lottery recently and you're just not telling us.

The world's most expensive burger

How pricy can it really be to make a burger, honestly? A bun, some salad, a meat patty and maybe a sauce or two, plus a side of fries and you're done - a few bucks at most. Not if you're in famed New York City restaurant, Serendipity 3, however. That's because in 2012 the world's most expensive burger ever was served up for the astronomical price of $295. We're pretty sure that's the same as a down payment on a small car. So if you were lucky enough to be the recipient of one of these noteworthy burgers, what would you have been treated to? Well, Japanese Wagyu beef for starters, delicately infused with the flavours of ten-herb white truffle butter, layered with 18-month aged creamy cheddar cheese and served up on a truffle-buttered Campagna roll Sprinkle on some black truffles and smoked Pacific sea salt, crack over a quail's egg, add a scoop of Paramount Kaluga caviar and you're done - that'll be $295 please! We wonder if there were any takeaway boxes available or if it was sit down only…

Serendipity 3 burger

The world's most expensive club sandwich

If you thought the hamburger was overpriced, wait till you hear about the most expensive club sandwich ever invented (at least that's what creators, Hullett House Hotel in Hong Kong, are calling it). For the massively inflated price of $63, you can sink your teeth into a sandwich filled with Wagyu beef (again), prohibitively expensive Balik Salmon, and Beluga caviar - to name only a few of the extravagant ingredients involved. Not your usual golf club meal, that's for sure, but we must admit, we wouldn't mind just having a bite out of curiosity.

Hullett House Hotel club sandwich

The world's most luxurious box of chocolates

When it comes to chocolate, we don't need anything fancy. We don't even need a wrapper - the sooner that milky, creamy awesomeness gets in our belly, the better! But if you prefer your chocolate with a little more dignity and a lot more opulence, you're sure to enjoy a spread of luxury truffles from international chocolatier company, 'The Chocolate'. Laced with 24 karat edible gold and presented in a Swarovski-studded display box, these are no ordinary truffles - these are the very pinnacle of chocolate-making, and a treat for your tastebuds from start to finish. Order your own box for $294, and for that price, no-one could blame you for keeping every last one to yourself!

294 box of chocolates

So if you want to jazz up your everyday menu with some high-priced and high-flying food items, you'd better have the bank balance to back it up - because not all comfort foods come cheap. Remember though, all it takes is one Powerball or EuroMillions jackpot, and you could soon be living the good life in the most luxurious, delicious way possible!

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