We often imagine what it would be like to win the lotto for real. And not just how we'd spend all our millions and millions in lotto winnings, but how we'd react when we first found out. Would we scream, shout, faint, become speechless with shock, need to take a seat, need to down a shot of something fortifying?

Of course, until the moment actually happens, we'll never know for sure just how we'd deal with the reality of it. So in the meantime, we content ourselves with reading about how other players react to the news of their huge lotto winnings. Some are understandably shocked, some check and re-check their tickets, unwilling to believe in their good fortune - but the ones we love the most are where raw human emotion takes over, and the lucky lotto winners just can't help themselves. They scream!

Make some noise for giant lotto winnings!

Take, for example, the story of Jan Valdemar, a Canadian lotto player who decided to scream the news of his fantastic lotto winnings whilst taking his car for a wash. An odd decision, for sure, but who are we to judge? Of course to understand Jan's unusual impulse, we need to start at the beginning of his story, when he first scanned his ticket and thought he'd come away with only a few dollars.

Lottery winner jan valdemar

“At first I thought I won $100 when I scanned the ticket in the ticket-checker,” he says. “I asked the store employee to check the ticket and the words ‘Big Winner’ appeared. I was a big mess when I found out. I tried calling my wife but she didn’t answer. I decided to take my car for a wash and as the car was going through I started screaming out of joy!”

Now it all starts to make a little more sense - as does Jan's plan for his well-deserved windfall. “I would like to go on a family vacation this winter and treat the kids," he says. "Now I can just go to work and relax. I plan to take it easy." Here's to taking it easy, and to shouting it from the rooftops too!

Three cheers for a winning lotto spending spree!

Of course, lotto players don't just scream the news of their lotto winnings to the world - they sometimes shout it to each other as well. Just ask the retired married couple from Dun Laoighaire in Ireland, who recently walked off with a €2,905,586 lotto win.

According to the couple, who have chosen to remain anonymous, the husband was upstairs listening to music, when the wife screamed the fateful words at him from below - "I think we’ve won the Lotto!". As it turns out, the hullabaloo was justified, as the couple had indeed won a share of the recent lotto jackpot, claiming nearly €3 million for their efforts. And with a huge Marks & Spencers shopping spree on the cards, as well as plans to travel to Italy, their good fortune is certainly worth shouting about!

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