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16 November 2015

Get Ready For Your Most Luxurious Poolside Summer Yet

Clear blue sparkling water, a comfortable lounger and cocktails on tap - is there any more luxurious way to spend the summer holidays? Our answer is an emphatic no, which is why we've spent the last few days putting together our wishlist of the world's most lavish swimming pools, each one more perfect than the last.

Now all we need is the money to visit them, and we'll be set for our most indulgent summertime yet!


Hearst Castle, USA

You had us at castle, although we must say we were surprised to find out it was in the States, rather than an old European city. Hearst Castle is more than regal enough to deserve the title, however, with a legacy dating back to 1924 when it was erected to the tune of $10 million, a princely enough sum for any time period.

Hearst Castle swimming pool USA 

Pay a visit to this stately home and you'll have not one, but two fabulous swimming pools to choose from, crafted from marble and mosaic and just begging to be enjoyed for hours on end.


Lev Leviev Residence, United Kingdom

If you want exclusive and expensive, then you want the pool at the Lev Leviev Residence in the UK, a private estate owned by an Israeli businessman. So what makes this swimming pool such a masterpiece?

Lev Leviev Residence swimming pool United Kingdom 

Only the fact that it's constructed from mosaic and gold, with an accompanying spa and steam bath too - everything you need for a rejuvenating poolside experience. Sign us up - we'll have our cocktails at 11am thanks!


SeaGaia Ocean Dome, Japan

With a slight jump in price, the SeaGaia Ocean Dome in Japan boasts a colossal $2 billion price tag, putting its $10 million swimming pool competition to shame! Of course with such a huge financial investment, the Ocean Dome is more than your average swimming pool - instead it's the largest indoor pool in the world, measuring an amazing 328,000 square feet.

SeaGaia Ocean Dome Japan 

Add to that an artificial wave pool for surfers, mock volcanoes and a water slide area, and you'll soon see why it's one of the most popular attractions of its kind - so if you want to join in the excitement, we suggest you book your ticket soon!


City of Stars, Egypt

If you think $2 billion is an astronomical price for a swimming pool, you ain't seen nothing yet. That's because by far the most expensive pool in the world is the Egyptian City of Stars, a lagoon-style pool that spans an unbelievable 21 acres. Created by renowned pool experts, Crystal Lagoons, the City of Stars has to be seen to be believed - so make sure that Egypt is at the top of your list of must-see places this summer!  

City of Stars swimming pool Egypt

As you can see, there are plenty of lavish pools around the world just waiting to be enjoyed - now all you need to do is find the funds to get there.

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