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20 October 2015

Get Connected In The Most Luxurious Way Possible

Smartphones are everywhere these days, and whether we use them for texting, web browsing, gaming, photos, music, movies or more, they've become an integral part of our lives. Of course we'd all love the newest, smartest, fanciest models, and all the fabulous accessories to match - but just as with anything in life, the better the phone, the bigger the bank balance you'll need to own it. That shouldn't be a problem for you however - because with your jackpot just around the corner, you'll soon be able to afford the most sophisticated, cutting-edge smartphone on the block - just like this one:

The £1.7 million iPhone

Yes, that's right - £1.7 million. You'll need a lotto jackpot to own this smartphone for sure, because there's no way you'd have that kind of cash just lying about the house (although if you did, we'd love to come over some time). Introducing the brand-new iPhone 6, courtesy of luxury designer, Alexander Amosu, and possibly the most extravagant gadget of its kind!


So why do you want this ridiculously overpriced cellphone? Well if you're a lotto winner, you'll want to buy it simply because you can. But more than that, you'll want it because it's the epitome of luxury, and a masterpiece of craftsmanship and design from top to bottom.

Ready to go ahead and part with your £1.7 million? Then first you'll need to decide which exclusive design you'd like, the gold or the diamond. If you choose gold, you'll be the proud owner of a 24-carat gold iPhone 6 in rose and yellow gold - and if you like, you can have the back panel engraved with your name as well. The good news is that your new gold iPhone will completely outshine any other iPhone 6 within a 5-kilometre radius. The even better news is that if you choose the gold version, you won't have to part with £1.7 million - instead, you'll pay only £2,399 for the pleasure. Which is still a substantial amount, but with far fewer zeroes attached.

IPhone6 2

As it turns out, the million-pound price tag is reserved exclusively for the second iPhone in the designer Amosu range - the diamond version. And with 18-carat gold plating and 6,127 VVSI diamonds studding the entire back panel, it's easy to see why. Add to that the unbelievable 51.29-carat diamond cut into the shape of the Apple logo, and you'll understand exactly why this model is known as the “Call of Diamond iPhone 6” - and why it's priced so extravagantly as well.

Connect to a lotto jackpot win today!

If high-priced smartphones and other gadgetry are at the top of your must-buy list, we're pleased to tell you that despite the million or so pounds you'd have to spend to own them, they're well within your reach. That's because just one lotto jackpot from could see your bank account filled, and your desire for high-tech items fulfilled as well!The weekend draws are almost here, and with them, another chance for you to strike it rich! Just buy your ticket, choose your numbers, and wait for us to call and give you the multi-million winning news!

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