The Most Frequently Asked Lottery Related Questions

Playing the lottery is easy to play, but there are many finer points that your average lottery player may not know about. Knowing which lotteries to play, how to choose your lucky numbers and how best to collect your winnings are just some of the things you need to know.

Keep reading to see some of the most frequently asked lottery-related questions. Some may just help you get the edge on the competition.

How many numbers are in the lottery?

This differs between lottery games. There is usually one number pool for the main lotto numbers, and another number pool for the bonus number. How many of the lucky numbers you match will determine the value of your prize.

It’s also worth mentioning that a lottery with a smaller number pool has better chances of winning.

Find out more about how many numbers are in the lottery.

Lottery betting VS real lottery tickets.

Any online lottery agents will let you bet on the outcome of the lottery rather than buying actual lottery tickets. There is a difference in prize breakdowns and pricing between lottery betting and real ticket sales.

When you play at Giant Lottos you are always playing for real prizes, with real tickets.

You can read more about lottery betting VS real tickets.

What are the lottery draw dates, times and results?

Keeping track of draw times and when the results are published is important for any lotto players waiting for that big win. Lottery results are usually published shortly after the draw. And once the results have been confirmed by lottery officials.

When playing you will receive an email confirming your purchase, and another email with the results for any draws that you are playing.

See all our lottery draw dates, times and results.

What is the best lottery to play in the USA?

Everything is bigger in the USA, including their lotteries. If you look up the biggest ever jackpots won, you’re likely to see some familiar American lottery games. Currently our best USA Lotteries are the Mega Millions and the USA Powerball.

We also offer another of the best USA lotteries; the unique Cash4Life lottery game.

See details on which is the best lottery to play in the USA.

What is the best lottery to play in the UK?

Some of the world’s biggest lotteries are operated out of the UK, and now you can play and win in the best and biggest of them. Some of the best lotteries from the UK include the Irish Lotto, UK National Lottery and the EuroMillions.

Did you know that the Irish Lotto has the best jackpot winning odds of any other lottery?

Check out more details on what the best lottery to play in the UK is.

What is the best lottery to play in Europe?

Some of the world’s oldest lotteries are from Europe, but which of those are the best to play? From every corner of Europe, lotteries like the SuperEnalotto, France Loto and German Lotto are waiting for you to play and win at Giant Lottos.

You can collect official European lottery prizes from your home country.

See which lottery is the best to play in Europe.

Can I speak to a lottery odds expert?

At Giant Lottos we have a team of dedicated lottery experts who are standing by to help increase your winning odds. Your lottery advisor will let you in on insider secrets, winning tips and what the best lotteries with the best odds are.

Giant Lottos advisors are on standby for all registered Giant Lottos players.

See how our lottery advisors can make a winner out of you today.

What do Giant Lottos players have to say?

With over 12 years of online lottery experience it goes without saying that we’ve had our fair share of winners big and small. Sometimes our winners and players give us feedback on their experience, and we’re more than happy to share their thoughts with you.

You can also submit your own playing or winning experiences.

Check out our player and winner testimonials to see what they had to say.

What are the best lotteries and their winning odds?

Every lottery has different prizes, and different odds of winning these prizes. Some lotteries like the Irish Lotto do not have the massive jackpots of lotteries like the USA Powerball. But there is much better odds of winning the Irish Lotto jackpots.

Every lottery has different winning odds across the different prize tiers.

See what the best lotteries are and their winning odds.

Can lottery winners stay anonymous?

Lottery winners are often hounded by family and friends after their big win. This can lead to infighting and strained relationships. And is the main reason behind lottery winners wanting to keep news of the win to themselves.

The laws on the anonymity of lottery winners differs around the world.

See if lottery winners can stay anonymous after winning the jackpot.

Can the zodiac help you win the lottery?

Millions of lottery players look to the stars when picking their lucky numbers, what does your star sign say about your lottery playing journey? Each sign of the Zodiac can give a bit of guidance when choosing your lucky numbers or deciding which lottery to play.

Each year some Zodiac signs are luckier than others.

See if you will win the lottery according to your Zodiac.

What is the best lottery to play online?

Playing the lottery online offers the same odds and prizes as buying tickets from the shops. Because online lottery offers a much bigger selection of games than your local shops, it’s important to know which of these are the best to play online.

Playing the lottery online is the best because you have access to lotteries that you may not find when buying physical tickets from the shops.

Find out more about which is the best lottery to play online.

Where can I buy lottery tickets near me?

When playing the lottery online you can buy tickets for lotteries and win prizes from games found around the world. At Giant Lottos all the world’s lotteries are right at your doorstep, no more standing in queues to get your hands on lotto tickets.

You can buy tickets online and bring the world’s lottery prizes home.

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What are some lottery winning tips?

Avoid calendar dates, diversifying your lucky numbers and playing as many tickets as possible. These are just some of the ways you can increase your odds of winning. There are more quick and easy tips you can use to shift the odds in your favour.

Make sure you’re using as many strategies as possible when playing the lotto.

See more of the best lottery winning tips and start winning big!

Do Quick Picks ever win the lottery?

Quick Picks are used when lottery players use a random number generator to choose their lucky numbers. This is instead of choosing them manually. It is estimated that around half of all lottery players use Quick Picks when choosing their lucky numbers.

N.B. Giant Lottos uses our exclusive SUPA-QP technology when playing Quick Picks. This tech helps choose numbers based on lucky number patterns, past jackpot winning combinations and more.

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Can I play and win in foreign or US lotteries?

At Giant Lottos you get to choose from a variety of foriegn lottery games that you may not find locally. In all of these lotteries you will play for the official prize amounts, including the main jackpot prize.

Giant Lottos also offer top US lottery games such as the USA Powerball and Mega Millions.

Find out more about playing in foreign lotteries and US lotteries.

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