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27 March 2015


The next time someone gives you grief about trying your luck and playing the lotto, here's a story you can tell them - the Triple Play of March 2015!

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In case you missed the news, the USA lotteries have this week paid out not once, not twice, but three times - eight-figure lottery jackpots being won three times, and in the space of just five short days! Tell that to the lottery haters and then see what they say.

If they ask for more details, here's how you can break it down:

Lotto Jackpot #1: USA Powerball, 21 March 2015

Tennessee was the place to be this past Saturday, as one lucky Powerball player purchased a lotto ticket worth a whopping $50 million! The winner has yet to be identified, but what we do know is that the payout is the third-largest in Tennessee lottery history, making it a headline-grabbing win! If you played the lotto in Tennessee last week, we suggest you check your lottery ticket, and quickly!

Lotto Jackpot #2: USA Mega Millions, 24 March 2015

Not to be outdone by its lotto competitor, the Mega Millions lottery also made sure it found a big winner by paying out a massive $59 million jackpot to one lucky player! This time the winning ticket was bought in New York, making it the third time this year a New York player has hit the jackpot. Perhaps start making some travel plans if you'd like to be next…

Lotto Jackpot #3: USA Powerball, 25 March 2015

Which brings us to last night, when luck struck the Powerball lottery once again! The lottery balls have barely had time to settle, but the news is in - one lucky player from New Jersey has won last night's $40 million Powerball jackpot, netting themselves eight figures of awesome and enough money to indulge in the most luxurious spoils they can think of. Talk about third time lucky!

It's true what they say - the odds of winning the lotto are long. But SOMEONE has to win it, and if nothing else, the past five days have proven that the lotto does pay out, and pay out big! Who's to say you won't be next in line to hit the jackpot?

So prove those cynics wrong! Buy your lottery tickets online from, get in there with a chance to win, and you could soon be jetting off on an exotic island holiday, leaving your detractors in the dust!




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