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23 February 2017


Most of us don't have the funds to stay in a regular hotel suite, let alone a presidential suite. And yet if you're a multi-million lotto winner, that's just what you'll have the resources to do going forward - enjoy the best of luxury, service and amenities, while being waited on hand and foot. Since the most we're able to do right now is the odd weekend away at a local B&B, we can't wait to find out what being treated like a VIP feels like - especially with these extravagant presidential suites to look forward to:

The St. Regis Mumbai — Mumbai

Nothing says opulence like a killer view, and that's exactly what you'll get at the St Regis in Mumbai, 28 floors above street level. Thanks to wall-to-wall windows and 3,121 square feet of space, you'll have all the room you need to stretch out and enjoy your luxurious new lifestyle, just as a commander-in-chief would. From handcrafted rugs to velvet and leather furnishings, a 10-seater dining table and a private wine cellar too, you'll be inundated with comfort and sumptuousness from morning till night. It's good to be the king!

Hotel Principe Di Savoia — Milan

If you've always wanted to ride your own private elevator to the door of your own private presidential suite, then a trip to Milan is a must - more specifically, the Hotel Principe di Savoia. More of a small town than an actual suite, this 5,400 square foot space is the epitome of opulence, boasting three bedrooms and bathrooms, gorgeous antique furniture, French crystal furnishings, a mini bar with an optional butler and a private spa too. With all this, plus complimentary canapes, fresh fruit and flowers, and of course wi-fi as well, why would you ever want to leave? The answer is, you wouldn't - you'd get right back to your sauna instead.

The Raj Palace — Jaipur

Forget presidential suites, why not your own presidential palace? That's what you'll get at the Raj Palace in Jaipur, India - your very own Maharajah’s Pavilion, with four floors, four bedrooms and 16,000 square feet of complete extravagance. Never mind the usual bedroom-and-bathroom combo - this vast expanse of luxury has its very own lobby, reception area, and even an in-house museum too! Not to mention a theatre, spa, lounge with bar, library and rooftop terrace as well. If there's a country missing a president right now, we'd love to apply for the job!

giantlottos takes you everywhere your heart desires

Belmond Grand Hotel Europe — St. Petersburg

From Russia with love, it's the presidential suite in the Belmond Grand Hotel Europe. How many times have you walked into a hotel room and thought, "It's great, but I wish it had its own fitness centre"? Enter one of St Petersburg's most lavish hotel suites, featuring exactly that - along with a music room and grand piano, dining room, lounge bar, sauna and marble bath too. What's more, just like any good spy movie, the library opens into a secret bedroom - perfect for having clandestine presidential meetings. Or private midnight feasts - whatever you're into.

the hotel of your dreams with Giantlottos

Seems like being president is a pretty cushy job when you have these suites to come home to every night. But perhaps being a lotto winner is better - all of the luxury, none of the responsibility. So why not play your way to first-class living with a ticket from Giant Lottos? The jackpots are on their way, and you could be the one to claim them. Forget being head of state - head of the multi-million winners is so much more satisfying. Good luck!

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