They say that money can't buy love - but just ask lottery winner Gillian Bayford and she'll tell you it sure can give you a helping hand! That's because in a twist of fate, this lucky winner of £148 million is now lucky in love as well, having recently become engaged to the car salesman who sold her a fleet of luxury vehicles!

Gillian Bayford first met Alan Warnock when she went to his Audi garage in Dundee to purchase a number of high-end motors as gifts for her family. When you've hit the £148 million EuroMillions jackpot, you can do things like that! While at the John Clark Audi dealership, Gillian ordered five cars - a total of three £60,000 Q7 SUVs and two £40,000 Q5s. Generosity of spirit like that doesn't go unnoticed by the universe - which is how Gillian recently found herself being proposed to by her car dealer boyfriend Alan, who went down on one knee to propose.

The happy couple announced their engagement on Facebook to family and friends, amid huge congratulations and messages of goodwill. Of the engagement, Alan posted “Boom. I’ve done it like a proper grown up”, while Gillian described herself as "a really lucky girl".

Lottery players become Britain's second biggest EuroMillions winners!

Really lucky is right - because that's exactly what Gillian and then-husband Adrian were in August 2012, when one EuroMillions ticket transformed them into Britain's second biggest EuroMillions winners!

the bayfords

Living in their hometown of Haverhill, Suffolk, Gillian worked nights as a hospital healthcare assistant, while Adrian ran a music shop. Initially Adrian attempted to convince Gillian that they had both forgotten to buy a ticket for the Friday draw, a hotly anticipated one due to a recent spate of rollovers.

But when he checked their ticket later, he went pale with the realisation that they had in fact scooped one of the largest EuroMillions jackpots ever. Gillian remembers, "I checked the numbers on my phone, the TV, the internet - and we just looked at each other and giggled."

The couple stayed up all night, surfing the Internet and making plans for their giant windfall. While Gillian went on to quit her job, Adrian went back to his music shop, one that he had built from the ground up. Sadly though, Adrian was eventually forced to close his business due to harassment by "spongers".

While the Bayfords initially celebrated their success together, irreconcilable differences eventually saw the couple parting ways - Adrian to an engagement with stable girl Samantha Burbidge, and now Gillian to her engagement with motor dealer Alan. Proving that there's no truth to the concept of luck running out!

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