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30 April 2015


If you're an avid EuroMillions player, you'll already know that there's a juicy jackpot up for grabs in Friday night's draw - a massive £17 million to be exact! The first of May is a holiday for many lottery fans around the world, and just think what a fabulous start a jackpot win would make to your long weekend!

The EuroMillions has been one of Europe's top lottery draws since its inception in 2004, making more and more millionaires throughout the continent - including the top winners so far, Adrian and Gillian Bayford, who won the maximum €190 million jackpot on a single ticket winner in August 2012.

Gnome-loving couple hit £1 million EuroMillions jackpot

Two more lotto players who know exactly what winning the EuroMillions feels like are Trish and Craig Tuft - a couple from Chester in England who recently made off with a fantastic £1 million in cash!

Hitting the jackpot has been a dream come true for the couple, who are already searching for a new home with enough space for their cherished garden gnome collection.

Friday night's lotto draw on 24 April proved to be a fateful one for the Tufts, and it's an evening that Trish will remember for a long time to come. In fact when the moment of truth arrived, her shock was so great that husband Craig was worried something might have happened to her.


“I just could not believe it", says Trish of her amazing win. "I checked my ticket on the television and it matched – I just screamed – I have never screamed so loudly in my life."

So piercing were her screams it turns out, they actually woke up Craig, who was asleep at the time - but what fabulous news to wake up to!

Since what we're calling, "the screaming incident", both Trish and Craig have handed in their notice at work, and plan on living a very different life going forward - one with a bright future both for them, and for their children and grandchildren.

“I just did not hesitate", says Trish of her decision to quit her long-standing job at Boots. "I handed in my notice straight away. This is a fantastic amount of money and just gives us real security.”

Something else the EuroMillions lotto jackpot has given the couple is the freedom to indulge their love of garden gnomes - and the resources to buy a house with a garden big enough to showcase them to their fullest potential. And after the house will come an exotic overseas holiday, treats for the family, and a life of luxury and indulgence. Ah the life of a millionaire - we can only dream!

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