Everything You've Ever Wanted To Know About EuroMillions Lottery Numbers & Stats

The EuroMillions is a lottery that requires seven correct numbers to win the jackpot. There are 13 different prize tiers to play for in each EuroMillions draw. The lowest is awarded for matching just two main numbers, with the jackpot won by matching all five main numbers plus the two Lucky Stars (bonus balls).

The most frequently asked questions about the EuroMillions are around numbers and stats. In this post we are going to answer every question you’ve ever had – and didn’t know you had - about Euro Lottery numbers:

  • Euro Lottery Odds
  • Euro Lottery Number picking strategies
  • Where to find EuroMillions lotto results
  • EuroMillions Statistics
  • EuroMillions Draw Dates and Times

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About EuroMillions Lottery Odds

The EuroMillions lottery has good winning odds in relation to the prizes that are up for grabs. To put it into perspective; the USA Powerball has some of the biggest jackpots but also some of the highest winning odds of any lottery.

The EuroMillions is a great 'down the middle' lottery; meaning that the winnings odds are average when compared to other lottos, and the payouts are also in the middle. (Still well into the multi-millions though)

So the Euro Lottery is a great lottery for players looking for great winning odds while still having the chance at winning a multi-million jackpot payout.

Below are the Euro Lottery odds for all the prize tiers.

5 Numbers + 2 Bonus Ball 1 in 140,000,000
5 Numbers + 1 Bonus Ball 1 in 7,000,000
5 Numbers 1 in 3,100,000
4 Numbers + 2 Bonus Ball 1 in 621,000
4 Numbers + 1 Bonus Ball 1 in 31,000

EuroMillions Lottery Numbers Picking Strategy

Looking to get the best odds at winning the Euro Lottery? We've got a few easy to use tricks and tips that you can use next time you play the EuroMillions to get the best possible winning odds.

So if you're looking for the best numbers picking strategy for the Euro Lottery, just use any of the below tips the next time you decide to play the EuroMillions.

Don't use calendar dates. A very common strategy with lottery players is using significant dates, like birthdays or anniversaries, when choosing their Euro Lottery numbers. The problem with this strategy is that calendar dates only go up until 31, whereas the Euro Lottery number pool goes up to 50. Using calendar dates will effectively only lower your winning odds.

Use the entire number pool. This brings us to the next point; playing numbers across the entire number pool when picking your Euro Lottery numbers. If we look at past EuroMillions lottery winning combinations we see that overwhelmingly they have numbers from across the entire number pool.

Don't play recently drawn numbers. A good way to make sure you don't pick numbers that are less likely to be drawn; don't play recently drawn Euro Lottery numbers. This is because there has never been a case of the same Euro Lottery numbers being drawn twice in a row.

Don't play number 'patterns'. People also play number patterns like all odd numbers, all even numbers, combinations of 10s, ect. While it may be fun to play different number patterns, if we look at past winning Euro Lottery number combinations we can see that they overwhelmingly have numbers across the whole number pool.

Stick with your lucky numbers. Plenty of Euro Lottery players have said they have had instances of changing their lucky numbers only for them to be drawn after they stopped playing them. Seven time lottery winning Richard Lustig said that; "If I could offer one piece of simple advice to people it would be to stick with your numbers."

Euro Lottery Number Generator

Players can now use a unique Euro Lottery number generator which will automatically select lucky numbers with a greater probability of being drawn.

The Giant Lottos SUPA-QP number generator is a useful tool which analyses past winning number combinations and finds you an Euro Lotto number combination with better winning odds.

How does the SUPA-QP work? Built after years of research and development; the SUPA-QP number technology uses artificial intelligence and statistical analysis to process past winning number combinations and instantly select a number combination with higher odds of being drawn in the upcoming draw.

The SUPA-QP technology is free to use for all registered Giant Lottos players, and is the best Euro Lottery number generator you'll find that will guarantee you a set of lucky numbers with better winning odds.

Read more about how the SUPA-QP is the best lotto number generator you'll find online.

Euro Lottery Past Results

Players can check all the Euro Lottery past results directly from the dedicated Euro Lottery results page. To check any past Euro Lottery results just go to the results page and select the date you wish to view the results for.

If you have bought tickets for any past Euro Lottery draws you can also go back and check your email inbox for a results confirmation that would have been emailed to you shortly after the draw.

From the EuroMillions past results page players can also get a detailed breakdown of the payout structure for that particular draw. There is a breakdown of each prize tier and the payout value in the different currencies available at Giant Lottos.

Check the Euro Lottery past results page and see if you where a winner!

EuroMillions Lottery Results From Last Night

If players bought tickets for the EuroMillions draw they will be able to check the results from last night's draw quickly and easily. Anyone who has bought tickets will also receive an email confirming the results from last nights Euro Lottery draw.

If players want to check the EuroMillions lottery results from last night themselves then simply navigate to the EuroMillions results page and check the most recent results.

Check the EuroMillions lottery results from last night and see if you're a winner!

EuroMillions Lottery Number Draw Dates and Times

The EuroMillions lottery draw days are every Tuesday and Friday around 9pm CET with ticket sales closing around 30 minutes before the draw. The draws itself takes place in Paris, France and is broadcast around the world.

There are also regular EuroMillions Superdraw lottery draw dates announced over a year. These draw dates are usually announced around a week before the actual draw takes place.

Check the EuroMillions lottery page to see the exact date for the upcoming EuroMillions draw.

What time is the EuroMillions draw?

Draw days are every Tuesday and Friday at 7.45 pm and results can be viewed on the EuroMillions results page after 11 pm on the night of the draw. Sales do not close on Giant Lottos so you can play the next draw uninterrupted.

On the EuroMillions ticket page there is also a countdown timer to let you know when the next EuroMillions draw is taking place, and how long you still have to buy tickets.

The Best Way To Play EuroMillions

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