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07 October 2015

Enjoy More Chances To Become A Millionaire With The UK National Lottery

Times they are a-changing - and if you're a UK National Lottery player, they're changing for the better! That's because as of 8 October, the ever-popular UK Lotto is changing its prize and payout structure after 21 years of making millionaires. And why? So it can make even more people's dreams come true!

uk lotto changes

More to play with, more to play for, only with the UK Lottery

While the UK Lottery recently made changes to its structure in 2013, these updated revisions to the lotto draw will ensure even more excitement for players than ever before - and even more winnings too. That's because the changes are designed to increase the winning odds, with exhilarating new developments like:

  • A free Lucky Dip! Match two numbers in the draw and you won't go empty-handed - instead you'll get a free Lucky Dip, giving you yet another chance to win in the next UK Lotto draw of your choice. Just think of the winning opportunities!
  • More numbers to choose from! Whether you choose to play the same numbers you always have, or you'd like to branch out a little, the UK Lotto is giving you more choice with a bigger selection of lucky numbers. Now you'll have 59 numbers to choose from instead of 49, giving you even more potential number combinations to play with!
  • Bigger rolling jackpots! Now with bigger jackpots on offer, there's more to play for than ever before! Buy your ticket into the new UK Lotto from 8 October onwards and make your play for huge jackpot winnings!

Thanks to these proposed changes, you won't just enjoy a more exciting UK Lotto experience - you'll enjoy a more rewarding one as well. That's because once the revisions are implemented, your winning odds will improve from 1 in 54 to 1 in 9.30 - giving you a better chance of winning than ever before!

Play the new UK Lotto at today

If you to improve your winning chances, it seems that the new UK Lotto is just the place to do it! And luckily, thanks to, you won't have to jet over to the UK in order to buy your ticket. Simply logon from the comfort of your home from 8 October onwards, and purchase your lottery ticket online to become part of the excitement!

Play the mid-week draws or play the weekend draws - the choice is yours. But whatever you decide, make sure you buy your online lottery tickets soon. Time is ticking, and you don't want to be left out - especially now when there's more chance of winning than ever before! So buy your tickets from today and get ready to experience all the thrills and the adrenaline of the UK Lotto - and all the jackpot winnings too!

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