Your El Gordo 2019 Shares Are Available Now!

Christmas has already arrived with the 2019 El Gordo De Navidad raffle! This billion euro raffle is the biggest in the world, and Giant Lottos is giving you the chance to claim your piece of the pie!

The El Gordo De Navidad is a Spanish tradition dating back to the 1800s making it the second oldest lottery-style game in the world! The El Gordo has made multi-millionaires not just in Spain, but also of lucky players all around the world. Giant Lottos gives you the chance the join in the El Gordo magic by purchasing your shares online and waiting for the draw on the 22nd of December to see if you're a winner!

What sets the El Gordo raffle apart from other raffles and lottery games? There are multiple factors that set the El Gordo apart from lottery games, take a look at these below:

  • 1-in-7 chance of winning a prize. With odds this good you are almost guaranteed a win! Remember; this raffle only comes around once a year so act fast!
  • No choosing lucky numbers. Forget your trusty lucky numbers, each El Gordo ticket has a pre-determined numbers consisting of five digits. If your number set is drawn, you're a winner!
  • Share in the winning feeling! Rather than buying individual tickets like a normal lottery game, you purchase shares in a ticket. Each ticket consists of ten shares, and winnings are paid out according to how many shares of each ticket you have bought. If you buy all ten shares, you will claim the entire prize!
  • Extremely limited tickets. Each year there are a fixed number of El Gordo tickets available, and once they are sold out there can be no more additional tickets produced until next year. Buy your El Gordo shares a\early to avoid disappointment!

Get your 2019 El Gordo De Navidad shares right here.

Because of an increased global demand for tickets, Giant Lottos have a limited amount of El Gordo tickets for the 2019 draw. Remember that we only supply official El Gordo tickets like the one pictured below:

El Gordo magic hits your TV screen!

The El Gordo is more than just multi-million euro prizes, each year the raffle features a different TV advertisement that showcases the magic the raffle brings to ordinary people's lives. The advertisments are known around the world for their cutting edge cinematography and visuals; see if you can hold back the tears while watching the heart-wrenching El Gordo commerical below:

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