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What are you up to tonight? Fancy joining us for a spot of light B&E? (That's breaking and entering, in case you're unfamiliar with the term.) Yes, we know it's technically illegal, but we can't think of any other way of getting into the latest Lotto winner's house - and we just HAVE to be there when he tells his wife he won an amazing €350,000 in the lottery!

That's because this Lotto winner's wife has no idea the ticket he bought back in December turned out to be a winning one - and in fact, the player himself almost missed out on finding out about his big win too. While most lottery winners hide their tickets in purses or wallets or cupboards till they can redeem them, this Dublin man bought his ticket for the UK National Lottery and then left it in a drawer for 8 weeks without even checking his numbers.


It was only two months after the Lotto draw that the winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, even remembered he had bought a ticket in the first place. And after checking his numbers, there was another shock in store - this time realising that he had in fact scooped a sizable €350,000 jackpot!

When it comes to plans for the money, he has no idea - because his wife is yet to find out about his most welcome windfall. He says, "I haven't even told my wife yet. I'm going to surprise her tonight when I arrive home with the cheque. She'll be over the moon!"

That's one conversation we'd definitely like to be present for - hence wanting to break in for the chance to hear it. We're sure the answer to his wife's innocent, "How was your day dear", is sure to knock her socks off!

Online lottery player cleans up with a €500,000 win!

Another Dublin Lotto winner who was amazed by their good fortune was the online player who struck it lucky on Friday the 13th of all days - thanks to a €500,000 win!

He explains to us, “This is life-changing for me – it really takes the burden off the shoulders. It’s just so unexpected. I woke up last Saturday morning and logged into my online account to see what I’d won. I kept counting all the zeros – it was amazing. I’m over the moon!”

It looks like a switch from playing the EuroMillions in real life to playing the UK Lotto online was a lucky one for this winner, who also wishes to remain anonymous. “I started to buy my draw tickets online in November, as it’s just so convenient", he says. "I used to play my own numbers but switched to Quick Pick. It was a good decision – the Quick Pick brought me luck!"

If you're looking for your own brand of luck, is the best place to find it. Just buy your lottery ticket online quickly and easily, and you too could soon be waking up to a fantastic lottery win - on Friday the 13th, or any other day of the week! Please do us one favour though - let us in on the conversation when you tell your loved ones? That's one kind of celebration we'd love to be a part of!




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