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25 August 2015

Dream Home, Dream Celebrity Neighbours Too! [Comments Competition]

We all have fantasies about buying the home of our dreams, complete with the ultimate in fixtures and furnishings, perhaps a huge swimming pool, space for all our luxury cars, and even features like a home cinema, tennis courts, bowling alley and music studio too. And of course if you win the lottery, you'll be able to afford all the extravagances you've ever wanted, and more!

But as much as we love daydreaming about the biggest, most opulent home money can buy, it's not often we consider who our neighbours could be - and one thing's for sure, if you're buying a house with a multi-million price tag, there's a very good chance you could end up neighbours (and possibly BFFs) with other millionaires too. And not just any old millionaires - celebrity millionaires who you're more used to seeing on movie posters and album covers, now sitting opposite you at your first 'meet the neighbours' dinner party! It just goes to show, being part of the upper classes isn't just about having more money, it's about experiencing life on a whole new level. And if you're our next lotto winner, that could mean you rubbing shoulders with rich and famous homeowners like:

Leonardo DiCaprio

His dalliance with Rihanna may be too gossip-fuelled for us to keep track of, but one thing we do know is that Leo is a lover of LA - so if you're thinking of moving to the City of Angels, you may want to scout around for some vacancies next door. Leo's not-too-shabby $4 million LA pad is home to a huge entertainment area, as well as a garage that has to be seen to be believed. Our suggestion: pop over for a cup of sugar and see how obliging he's feeling. You could be on the guest list at one of his next parties!

Leonardo DiCaprio

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

It may take a little more detective work to get invited round to this power couple's place, as their work schedule often has them travelling away from home, but if you can buy your dream condo next to theirs in New York City, we're sure it'll be worth the wait. Of course as their home set them back $7.6 million, it may cost you a pretty penny too, but the breathtaking views of the city's iconic skyline will more than make up for it.

Justin Timberlake

Jerry Seinfeld

Turns out saying "Yadda yadda yadda" for a living is more lucrative than you'd think - which is how comedian Jerry Seinfeld is able to afford his mansion in the ever-popular Hamptons. As one of America's favourite holiday spots for the elite and upwardly mobile, it's the perfect place for a lottery winner like yourself to move into as well - although if you're thinking of shacking up next to the Seinfelds, bear in mind that as their home set them back a massive $32 million, you may have to dig a little deeper into your pockets than usual.

Jerry Seinfeld

Will Smith

We've all heard the saying "go big or go home", but did you know that as a lottery winner you could do both at the same time - by moving in next door to Will Smith! That's right, you can go big and go home next to the Smiths, with a dream home in the region of $42 million - at least that's what this pair of Hollywood super celebs paid for their complex in Calabasas, California. Of course with a bank account full of lotto winnings, keeping up with the Smiths won't be a problem for you - the only problem you might have is waiting longer than five minutes before rushing over and introducing yourself!  

Will Smith

We don't know about you, but the thought of being able to move in next door to a celebrity has us reaching for the lotto tickets like nobody's business! If you'll excuse us, we'll be buying our tickets for the mid-week draws - and checking out maps to the stars' homes while we're at it. All we need now is one huge lottery jackpot, and a welcome mat! 

Let us know in the comments section below which celebrity you would like to live next door to and why. We'll be giving away 5 free USA Powerball tickets for the best answer. Ready, set, go!

EDIT : Thanks to everyone who took part in our competition. Unfortunately there can only be one prize winner and the lucky recipient of 5 free USA Powerball tickets is (drumroll please......), Lawrence V from South Africa.

Congratulations Pieter, we have allocated funds to your account for the Powerball tickets and you can make your purchases immediately.

We'll be back with a new competition soon so be on the lookout for our articles as they may just put you one step closer to being a multi millionaire!

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