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Double Your Jackpot



What is “Jackpot Topper”?

Jackpot Topper is a brand new gameplay designed by GiantLottos and under partnership with one of Europe’s leading prize underwriter groups, available for all GiantLottos players. Jackpot Topper prize will now be applied on a discretionary basis to the top jackpot draw when the specific jackpots are below the desired main prize threshold we expect to see at GiantLottos.

How will I know if a “Jackpot Topper” draw is running?

Our home page indicator will display the “Jackpot Topper” logo above the main jackpot indicator in bold red font (aligned with a massive 9 digit jackpot of course!)

How often will “Jackpot Topper” be available?

The “Jackpot Topper” gameplay will be made available when Giant Lottos determines that current highest official jackpot offered need an additional monitory boost (for instance just after a large rollover or a Superdraw has been won). However as a rule of thumb, we’ll be offering the Jackpot Topper payouts should all jackpots fall under the 9 digits at one time. We will then only offer the Jackpot Topper prize until an official gross prize draw reaches 9 digits and aligned with demand for the larger prize fund.

Will ticket prices increase for these jackpots?

Yes, there will be a nominal increase of 1.50 GBP per ticket to facilitate a portion of the insurance premium required on Nett jackpot amounts with the increased payouts.

What if I have purchased tickets in advance for this draw (through bulk or monthly subscription options)? 

You will automatically be entered into the official prize draw but not the additional insured jackpot, nor with the nominally increased ticket price.

Can I choose not to play Jackpot Topper?

Yes, you can choose to play only the official jackpot amount by simply pressing the ‘No Topper’ button in the lottery playboard. This will adjust your payment to the standard listed amount and the jackpot payout to the amount quoted to the official lottery operator.

Is payment guaranteed?

Yes, the amounts shown are covered in full otherwise the “Jackpot Topper” option will not show as an option on our homepage.

Note that as one of the world’s most established lottery purchasing agents, has now partnered with Europe’s leading risk underwriter to enable this payout as a valid option when lottery jackpot values need assistance to be more attractive. It is not an option that would be financially or commercially viable for us every week, but as an “occasional booster” it offers exciting draws all year around for our player base.

Are other wins doubled?

No, only the jackpot prize is covered and only the specific lottery draw advertised with the “Jackpot Topper” gameplay.

How will payouts be made?

The jackpot prize will be made via the official lottery operator (with us as acting facilitator as per usual and in line with our terms of service). The jackpot topper amount will be matched by our indemnity provider and in line with Nett payout received from the official lottery operator (after State Taxes/ commissions due and transfer fees in the case of USA draws).