Do Quick Picks Ever Win The Lottery?

It's something every lottery players wonders about when picking their lucky numbers. Should they carefully select their lucky numbers, or should they just go with the Quick Pick option? Is one more lucky than the other, or is it all down to random chance at the end of the day?

The option to choose your own numbers makes many lottery players feel as though their personal 'lucky numbers' hold some kind of special power because they are significant to them. These numbers are usually birthdays, special holidays, contact numbers or other significant dates.

Something else that plenty of lottery players like to do when picking their numbers is use certain strategies to help improve their winning chances. These include using hot and cold numbers, law of averages and the many kinds of fuzzy logic.

Are carefully selected 'lucky numbers' really more lucky than Quick Picks?

When it comes down to which method has won more jackpots, Quick Picks or lucky numbers, it's difficult say. There have been actual tallies of which have won more lottery prizes, but when it comes down the big jackpots it's more or less an even split between Quick Picks and manual number selection.

Some lotto players feel that because the winning lottery numbers are chosen at random, only a machine can match that ability to pick random numbers which is why it's always better to go with machine-chosen Quick Pick numbers.

The reality of using your own 'lucky numbers'

Plenty of seasoned lottery players say there are serious drawbacks to picking your own lucky numbers. These include limiting your number range to 31 when using birthdays, using the same strategies as other players and of course you may need to share the jackpot if other players used the same numbers as you.

There are also the obvious drawbacks of picking your numbers like it can be time consuming or you could make a mistake. These can be made even worse when buying physical lottery tickets, as you cannot go back and fix mistakes once you have filled in the ticket. See more about buying lottery tickets online VS offline.

The bottom line when it comes to Quick Picks

According to the US Powerball website around 80% of their players use Quick Pick when buying tickets, and at the same time around 80% of their jackpot winners also used Quick Picks.

So while there may not be any real difference between Quick Picks and manual selection when it comes to hitting the jackpot, what is important is that you don;t forget to play! Choose any of the big international lotteries below and you could collect multi-million jackpots and change your life forever!

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