Craziest Lotto Jackpot Purchases Revealed

We've just come across the most fascinating lotto story, courtesy of recent lottery winner, James Hanlon of Isaac's Harbour, Canda. This handyman recently struck it lucky in his local lotto draw when he managed to match three symbols for an instant win of $675,000!

An amazing feat indeed, but what caught our eye isn't the amount he won, but what he plans to do with it. Like many lotto winners, James will be splashing out on a new car - his first new car ever. So far, so normal. But it's his other plan that had us scratching our heads - because his second purchase won't be an exotic holiday purchase or a luxurious home, but a brand-new set of false teeth instead!

Not that we have anything against James' plan - obviously if he means to use his lotto winnings for a new set of false teeth, it's a purchase that's important to him. But it got us thinking - what other crazy lotto-winning purchases are out there that we don't know about? We always hear about the cars, the houses, the vacations and the family mortgages, but we never hear about the false-teeth-type of purchases. So we went ahead and did a little digging, and here's what we found.

Weird and wonderful lotto buys

It turns out that when it comes to unusual purchases, lotto winners take the cake in terms of creativity and bizarre inspiration. Think real estate on the moon, breast augmentations and new knees, to name a few. Or what about winner John McGuiness, a football fanatic who fulfilled a lifelong dream by using his entire £4 million UK lottery jackpot to buy his very own football club? Unfortunately for McGuinness, his prize purchase, Livingston FC, went under shortly afterwards, leaving McGuinness penniless and £2 million in debt just 18 short months after winning the lotto. A red card experience if there ever was one.

lottery winner John McGuiness

The wacky lotto stories don't stop there though. There's also the story of Michael Carroll, a notorious lotto winner who made headlines not just for winning the lottery, but for losing his entire fortune in just ten years, after blowing the lot on questionable purchases like drugs and escorts. Added to these poor choices though was Carroll's purchase of a Demolition Derby - a sport where cars are crashed together and wrecked 'just for the fun of it'. It's no surprise that this proved a spectacular loss for Carroll, who now works in a biscuit factory, earning just £204 a week.

lottery winner michael carroll

It's not all doom and gloom though - most lotto winners are thoroughly happy with their outlandish purchases. Who wouldn't be completely enthused by a gold chair from Celebrity Big Brother? Or their very own weather station? Throw in other buys like a flock of sheep, a hair salon, 300 trees and the title of 'Lady' and you have a recipe for happily ever after - for certain lotto winners at least. Other lotto winners are perfectly content with more commonplace purchases, like houses, cars, jewellery, racehorses, hot tubs and yachts. Just as we would be too!

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